Accepted And Next Step Bring You: MCAT Diagnostic Test Review Session

Next Step Test Prep has invited Accepted’s Linda Abraham to present What Does the MCAT Reveal About You? as part of its free webinar for med school applicants! Join NSTP and Accepted for the MCAT Diagnostic Test Review Session, Thursday July 9th @ 8pm EST.

The MCAT review part of the webinar will be presented by Bryan Schnedeker from Next Step.  Bryan will review lessons learned from Next Step’s free MCAT diagnostic test, and Linda will provide an overview of the MCAT’s role in the med school admissions process.

Join the webinar and learn what the MCAT reveals about you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the new MCAT and the med school application process! Register today.

Following the event, Next Step will raffle off two 5-packs of their full length MCAT practice tests, and attendees will also be entered into a grand prize drawing, where they’ll have a chance to win all 9 Next Step MCAT prep books, 5 practice tests, and a two hour session with Next Step’s National Director of MCAT Content.

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Accepted: The Premier Admissions Cosultancy

The Doctor As Renaissance Man

Listen to the show!Ajay Major is a fourth year medical student who has accomplished an amazing amount while pursuing a combined BS/MBA/MD program. Look at all those letters that will soon follow his name!

Listen to the recording of our interview to be inspired by this current medical student who is also the founder and editor-in-chief of an online magazine for med school students, Medstro Medical Student Ambassador, and somehow juggles a host of other roles while preparing to apply to residency programs.

00:02:16 – Regrets about choosing the BS/MBA/MD path.

00:04:16 – The case for a non-brand name education.

00:06:35 – What Ajay likes most about medical school.

00:08:29 – Best tip for premeds: Step out of your comfort zone!

00:10:30 – Glimpse into the activities of an “entrepreneur, medical student activist, and aspiring physician-journalist.”

00:16:10 – The trick to having time for everything.

00:17:22 – In-Training: what it is and who writes it.

00:19:10 – How Medstro and In-Training differ from SDN.

00:23:51 – Last piece of advice for med students and premeds.

Click here to listen to the show!*Theme music is courtesy of

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An Interview With Our Own: Alicia McNease Nimonkar

Click here to view Alicia's bio!Curious about the life and times of our spectacular admissions consultants? Please enjoy our newest blog series in which we interview the fabulous people who make up the staff. Next up is…Alicia McNease Nimonkar.

Accepted: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where and what did you study as an undergrad? Do you hold any graduate degrees? Where do you currently live?

Alicia: Since my dad served in the Air Force for thirty years, I grew up all over the U.S. Fascinated by other perspectives, I chose to study English Literature for my Bachelor’s Degree. I am currently completing a Master’s Degree in Composition and Rhetoric as well as Literature.

My first book, The Definitive Guide to Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs was published this year and is available on Amazon and the website. I teach yoga and quilting where I live in the Boston area.

Accepted: Congratulations on your new book! Can you tell us about it? Do you have any plans for future books?

Alicia: The book describes all the different types of postbac programs in existence and includes interviews with students who I helped gain acceptance into medical school as well as interviews with postbac program directors from around the country. I hope that it will serve as a resource for students who might otherwise give up on their dream of pursuing a medical education.

I have collaborated with the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Loma K. Flowers, to write a book on emotional competence. The manuscript is currently under review. For my next project, I plan to write a book on secondary application essays to help students prepare for the application process in advance.

Accepted: Can you share 3 fun facts about yourself?


1.   I try to practice yoga and meditate almost every day.
2.  I have lived in Italy and Germany.
3.  I love to cook and just recently started making my own sushi.

Accepted: How does your experience as a yoga instructor contribute to your role as an admissions consultant?

Alicia: As a teacher, I am continually learning from my students how I can better support them. After receiving my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, I have started a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Natasha Rizopoulos and Barbara Benagh in Boston. I also recently completed Level 1 and Level 2 in Integrated Positional Therapy with Lee Albert, NMT.

In learning to assess body posture and language, I am able to provide clients with more in depth feedback during mock interviews about how they, often, hold their breath and their bodies. I hope to empower every student I work with to be more authentic and comfortable in the way they present themselves to selection committees – in writing and interviews.

Accepted: Can you tell us about your experience at UC Davis School of Medicine? How did that contribute to your career as an admissions consultant?

Alicia: Leading and serving on selection committees for over five years to select students for our postbac program provided me with a strong understanding of what factors help or hurt a student’s application. Supporting students through the entire application process from beginning to end brought me a lot of joy! I learned that with the right strategy and support my students were able to earn record high GPAs and the highest acceptance rates for any program like it in the State of California.

Accepted: What are your top 3 admissions tips?


1. It’s essential that you have an increasing trend in your GPA.

2. If possible, do not submit your application before you receive your MCAT score so that you can use that information to guide your strategy and school selection.

3. Be yourself. In all of your essays and interviews and allow the reader and interviewer to get to know you, for the best results.

Learn more about Alicia and how she can help you get accepted!

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