Attn Med Applicants: A Class Is Matriculated Every Single Year

Listen to the show!If you are a pre-med preparing to take the MCAT or a waitlisted 2014 applicant, you may have something in common: A nagging fear that you just may not make it to medical school.

Enter, Dr. Lina Mehta, Associate Dean for Admissions at Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine, with good news: You can get accepted to med school.

Listen to our advice-packed interview for important tips for applicants at all stages of the medical school admissions process, a word of encouragement, and an inside look at Case Western.

00:02:15 – How Dr. Mehta got involved in admissions and what her job entails.

00:04:16 – The New MCAT’s impact on med school admissions.

00:05:26 – The value (and definition) of “applying early.”

00:09:00 – Is it too late for a student taking the MCAT in July/August to realistically apply to med school this year?

00:11:33 – Whom the adcom is hoping to meet in a personal statement.

00:13:15 – Case Western’s 4 Themes and what they mean for applicants.

00:17:38 – Understanding the “leadership and civic professionalism” themes as Case Western School of Medicine.

00:19:27 – How secondary are secondary essays?

00:20:57 – The true goal of a med school interview.

00:22:30 – If only premeds would understand…. (about med school in general and Case Western Reserve specifically).

00:24:16 – Still on the waitlist: Should a student reapply or wait to hear back?

00:26:12 – Factors that could cause a competitive applicant to be rejected.

00:27:58 – Advice for freshman & sophomore premeds.

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To GRE Or Not To GRE? That Is The Question

Listen to the show!Before your dream of getting accepted to graduate school comes true, you’ll have to face – and conquer – the GRE.

Listen in on our conversation with Dr. Lydia Liu, Managing Senior Research Scientist at the ETS and Tom Ewing, Director of External and Media Relations, for GRE advice, their perspective on the GRE vs GMAT debate, and more.

00:03:22 – An overview of the GRE.

00:05:18 – Don’t stick with your first instinct: The GRE’s changing score feature and how it helps you snag a higher score.

00:09:13 – Paid and free GRE study tools.

00:12:16 – The GRE as a predictor of success in b-school.

00:13:18 – Why MBA applicants should take the GRE and not the GMAT.

00:17:24 – GRE prep strategies.

00:19:57 – Ongoing research studies at ETS.

00:21:09 – The latest news from ETS (and it doesn’t reflect well on US grad students).

00:25:58 – Tips for graduate school applicants.

Listen to the show!

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Overcoming The Odds: A Story Of Med School Inspiration

Listen to our conversation with Student Dr. Diva!Think a low MCAT score means medical school is out of the picture? Not for Student Dr. Diva.

Listen to our conversation with the pink and glitter-loving tomboy with determination and resilience that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. If you are a pre-med, current student, graduate, or even none of the above, you won’t want to miss this interview.

00:01:57 – Everything happens for a reason: Dr. Diva’s introduction to osteopathic medicine.

00:04:53 – The Rural Health Initiative Program.

00:07:37 – Challenges faced by physicians in rural medicine.

00:09:00 – The secret of getting into med school with a 19 MCAT score!

00:10:30 – Overcoming a series of painful tragedies and obstacles to become a successful med student.

00:16:54 – The best thing about medical school.

00:19:19 – Finding time for life.

00:20:49 – What the future holds for Dr. Diva.

00:21:46 – What the diva doesn’t like about med school.

00:23:28 – Do what makes you happy! [Even if it isn’t medical research! Really.]

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Jon Medved And OurCrowd: The Remarkable Story Of An Entrepreneur

Listen to our conversation with Jon Medved!Time flies. The Admissions Straight Talk podcast has hit the 100-episode mark! And in honor of our big milestone we invited a  most exciting guest yet.

Want to know what one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of our times has to say about leadership, graduate education, and bodysurfing?

For all this and more, listen to the recording of our interview with Jon Medved – CEO and founder of Our Crowd, venture capitalist, and serial entrepreneur.

00:03:43 – Jon’s solution to having too many shoeboxes: The world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform.

00:08:14 – What really matters to a VC when choosing a company to invest in.

00:10:17 – How a history major made it to the top of the business world with no formal business education.

00:14:09 – Qualities that young professionals need to cultivate. (Is luck quality?)

00:21:08 – Graduate education vs. common sense.

00:22:33 – Exciting new partnership between Wharton’s Social Impact Initiative and OurCrowd.

00:24:02 – A preview of the future of business and the world.

00:27:11 – Why Jon loves his job. (Who helps more people, Jon or Linda? Linda says “Jon.”)

00:28:28 – Entrepreneurs: Here is the best piece of advice you are going to get!

Want to leave us a Happy 100th message? We’d love to hear from you!

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The Admissions Team At The Very Center Of Business

Listen to the show!If Columbia Business School is the name you doodle on back of your notebooks, then you’ll want to get to know the folks who hold the key to acceptance.

Click here to listen to the recording of our conversation with the CBS admissions team – although they sound more like a family- and find out what the masterminds who shape the MBA class have to say about the admissions process and Columbia B-School.

00:03:18 – Meet the Columbia Business School Admission Team and hear why they love their jobs!

00:08:00 – An overview of the 2-year MBA Program at Columbia.

00:11:04 – What the J-Term is and who it’s for.

00:14:55 – A preview of the 2015-16 application, and what they’re looking for in this year’s essays.

00:18:07 – No longer a pilot program: No-consignor loans available for international students.

00:20:58 – Why apply early decision.

00:24:13 – The journey of a submitted CBS application.

00:27:07 – The format and purpose of a CBS interview.

00:30:00 – Great features of CBS that the adcom members wish prospective students would know about.

00:36:47 – Suggestions for waitlisted applicants.

00:39:44  – Rejection does happen. What next?

00:44:27  – Ingredients of a successful application.

00:48:38  – The most common MBA application mistake. (But you won’t do this, right?)

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