MBA Admissions: MIT Sloan and Marketing/Sales

MIT Campus

MIT Campus

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A quick glance at MIT: MIT currently ranks in fourth place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). 14.4% of MIT Sloan graduates reported job functions in marketing/sales

Incoming Sloanies and Marketing

The class of 2012 entered MIT Sloan with an average of five years of work experience, an undergraduate GPA of 3.5, and a GMAT score of 717.

11% of the class of 2013 entered MIT with backgrounds in marketing. 21% had undergraduate degrees in business and commerce.

MIT’s Classes Related to Marketing/Sales.

Sloan’s five core courses are all taken during the first semester, along with one elective course. The core structure “provides the foundation of freedom and flexibility you need to pursue your personal goals and interests throughout the rest of your time at MIT Sloan.” Marketing Management, a first-semester elective course, provides the marketing foundation in the core curriculum.

Students interested in marketing and sales may then join MIT Sloan’s Enterprise Management Track. The goal of this track is “to develop students’ capability to apply integrated management perspectives and practices in their respective roles within large organizations via innovative classroom and project-based activities.” Skills will be developed in the three areas of marketing, operations, and strategy. The Track includes project-based seminars in the first and second years. Students who complete the Enterprise Management Track will receive a Track certificate.

MIT Sloan marketing courses include:

Applied Individual Psychology 15.844
Branding 15.846
Consumer Behavior 15.847
Design and Marketing New Products 15.828
Entrepreneurial Marketing 15.835
Foundations of Consumer Centric Technologies 15.819
Listening to the Customer 15.821
Marketing Management 15.810
Marketing Management — MIT Sloan Fellows 15.809
Marketing Models 15.848
Marketing Strategy 15.834
New Product and Venture Development Proseminar 15.836
Pricing 15.818
Research Seminar in Marketing 15.838
Special Seminar in Marketing 15.840
Strategic Market Measurement 15.822
Workshop in Marketing 15.839

To reflect MIT Sloan’s mission of hands-on learning, or “Learning by doing,” the program offers endless Action Learning opportunities. The most prominent Action Learning feature is the Action Lab. One of the Action Labs for marketing/sales students is the MarketLab which gives students the opportunity to work on projects with top consumer and enterprise brands, non-profits, and start-ups.

Another lab of interest to marketing/sales students is the India Lab (I-Lab). This lab offers real-world experience by matching MIT Sloan teams with companies in India. The program lasts three months, during which time groups work collaboratively to define company scopes, schedules, and deliverables.

A third lab is the Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) in which teams work with overseas companies, usually in developing economies and emerging markets, to overcome challenges such as commercialization, internationalization, marketing, and finance.

Marketing/Sales-Related Clubs and Extracurricular Activities at MIT

  • MIT Sloan Marketing Club – This club provides students with organized marketing treks, speaker series, recruiting preparation opportunities, and other events and activities.
  • MIT Sloan Sales ClubThe mission of this club is “to promote Sales as a fundamental business skill necessary for every career, either as a successful entrepreneur or as a top-level executive.” The club runs a number of popular events, including the sales training series, the International Sales Competition, and the Student Run Sales Conference.
  • CompetitionsMIT is famous for its competitions, and there are numerous competitions of interest to marketing students, especially the $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and the MIT Sloan Sales Competition.   

MIT Sloan Grads in Marketing/Sales Job Functions

Since marketing is usually done in-house, it’s difficult to determine which companies listed on the MIT Employment Profile hired graduates for marketing or for other in-house functions such as product management, consulting, finance, or IT. Here is a list of employers hiring members of the classes of 2011 and 2012:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Burger King
  • Coach
  • Dell
  • ExxonMobil
  • Facebook
  • General Electric
  • General Motors
  • Google
  • Groupon
  • Gucci
  • HubSpot
  • IBM
  • LAN Airways
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Nokia
  • Philips
  • Samsung Mobile
  • Sear’s Holdings
  • Travelers
  • TripAdvisor
  • Visa
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Zynga

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