MBA Admissions: Ross and Marketing

Michigan Ross School of Business

5th Place for Marketing

A quick glance at Michigan Ross: Ross currently ranks in 13th place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It is ranked in 5th place for marketing.

Ross’s Class of 2014
This year’s incoming class had 502 people in it. The average GMAT score was 703, and the class has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.4. The average number of years of work experience for the class of 2014 is 5 years.

26% of class of 2014 students have undergraduate degrees in engineering, 24% in business, 21% in humanities/social sciences, 15% in economics, 5% in math/physical sciences, 5% in computer science, and 4% in other areas.

Ross Academics Related to Marketing

First year students take required core courses during their first 3 terms (each year consists of 4 terms). (See a list of required courses here.)

A highlight of the Ross curriculum (not specific to marketing students) is the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course. This required first-year spring semester (term Winter B) course provides opportunities for students to work on collaborative projects for a global, hands-on, action-based, real-life experience.

2012 projects that would interest marketing students include developing or evaluating marketing plans for the Anschutz Entertainment Group (The Grammy Museum); AT&T Inc.; Ballet Chicago; Bharti Airtel; the Blamey Castle & Gardens in Cork, Ireland; Chrysler Group LLC; Delta Air Lines Inc.; FordDirect; Microsoft Corp.; MillerCoors LLC; Viacom Media Networks; Wal-Mart Stores Inc.; and others.

Second year students choose electives in their functional area and in other areas. Electives offered in the marketing subject area include:

MKT 601 Strategic Marketing Planning
MKT 603 Strategic Brand Management
MKT 610 Strategic Sales Management
MKT 613 Consumer Behavior
MKT 614 Social Marketing
MKT 615 International Marketing Management
MKT 618 Marketing Research
MKT 621 Applied Advertising
MKT 623 Service Marketing Management
MKT 624 Co-Creation of Value
MKT 625 Innovation in New Products/ Services
MKT 627 Leveraging Design for Marketing Advantage
MKT 630 Models for Marketing Decisions: Marketing
MKT 640 Global Supply Chain Management

Michigan Ross Marketing Clubs and Activities

•      Luxury Goods & Retail Club
•      Entertainment + Media Club
•      Michigan Commodities Group
•      Michigan Sports Business Conference
•      Wolverine Sales Club

Marketing Hiring Stats at Michigan Ross

The chart below shows the hiring stats for 2012 MBA careers with a marketing function:

Function Percent Base Salary Range ($) Median Signing Bonus ($)
Product Management 15.1 50,000-130,000 25,000
General Marketing 3.6 94,008-105,000 25,000
Marketing- Sales/Retail 1.6 37,500-118,000 17,500
Other Marketing 1.1 97,000-120,000 22,500

For 2012 interns, the job function breakdown is:

Function Percent Annualized Base Salary Range ($)
General Marketing 13.1 19,392-106,080
Product Management 6.9 60,000-110,004
Other Marketing 3.4 26,880-106,000

Top hirers include:

•     Amazon – 14 hires / 17 interns
•     Microsoft Corporation – 11 hires
•     Google, Inc. – 8 hires / 8 interns
•     General Mills, Inc. – 7 hires
•     PepsiCo Inc. – 7 hires
•     University of Michigan – 9 interns
•     Ford Motor Company – 8 interns
•     Johnson & Johnson – 8 interns

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