MBA Tip: Accepted? Now What?

Do you think you’re done with my advice now that you have received that fat envelope? Not so fast. I still have a tip or two for you. There are a few things you can do to prepare for your MBA studies and enhance your chances of getting a great internship and ultimately post-MBA job. After you finish celebrating, consider:

  • Are you feeling a little stale and disinterested at work, kinda going through the motions? Especially if you are a career changer, consider asking your employer if it can give you an internship more related to your post-MBA goals. I know there aren’t too many employers that will do so, but some will.  If yours is one of them, take advantage of the opportunity. Your employer will have a motivated employee until the last day and you will have a valuable learning experience…along with a satisfied employer.
  • Use the next several months to explore your intended fields. Set up information interviews with people in your field to find out what courses they found most valuable when they were in b-school. Ask about good internship options and typical career paths.  Remember: You are not asking for a job or internship at this point, just information. But I have heard of informational interviews leading to internships and jobs.
  • Allow yourself time to unwind and have some down time before starting your MBA.  Financial reality may dictate that you work until the last minute, but if you can, give yourself time to vacation, travel, or relax.
  • Plan to arrange your life at business school before business school starts: Set up your apartment, open a bank account, figure out where the supermarket, post office, dry cleaners, and hairdresser are.

Follow these tips to hit the ground running when classes actually start.