Are Online MBAs the Real Thing? A Conversation with MBA@UNC’s Beth Flye

Beth FlyeOnline MBAs: Are they the real thing? Listen to the full recording of our conversation with Beth Flye of MBA@UNC to get the scoop about Kenan-Flagler’s leading online MBA program.

00:02:03 – Keeping things calm in the lion’s den: Meet Beth Flye, Director of Admissions at MBA@UNC.

00:03:22 – A bit about the MBA@UNC program. Flexibility and accessibility, but you cannot hide.

00:10:56 – Do the MBA@UNC graduates receive the same diploma as the full time UNC Kenan-Flagler graduates?

00:11:43 – What the program looks for in applicants and the important role that MBA goals play in admissions. Linda is smiling now.

00:21:13 – GMAT score stats. Don’t you love stats?

00:21:57 – Diversity in professional experience, career stage, and location among MBA@UNC students.

00:24:02 – Timing: how long does it take to complete the online MBA, and how much time do students spend on classwork?

00:27:44 – About the curriculum: core classes and Global Emersions, one of MBA@UNC’s most exciting learning opportunities.

00:31:26 – Even in a strong virtual community you need to bring your own drinks to the online get-togethers.

00:34:13 – Class attendance required! Statement in bold and underlined.

00:36:36 – Who should NOT pursue an online mba?

00:40:25 – The million dollar question: What employers think of online MBA graduates.

00:47:07 – Student satisfaction is high and the retention rate is incredible.

00:55:43 – An invitation for you (and Linda!) to join a class.

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