Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Daniel Macklin

Daniel MacklinFor this week’s episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, we interviewed Daniel Macklin, Co-Founder & VP of Business Development at SoFi. Check out the full recording to hear our fascinating conversation about alumni funded student loans.

00:47:00 – Introducing Daniel, Co-founder and VP of Business Development at SoFi.

02:25:00 – SoFi’s background. How did Daniel come to co-found Sofi?

05:02:00 – SoFi’s plans for future expansion beyond the 78 currently eligible schools including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

06:07:00 – More than just financial loans!  Find out about the wonderful networking opportunities available to you through SoFi’s alumni community.

11:15:00 – Find out how SoFi works together with universities’ financial aid offices.

13:58:00 – Do you qualify?

15:25:00 – Daniel’s financial advice for current students and applicants: Do your research and don’t take the first loan that is put into your hands!

18:02:00 – Insights into Daniel’s experience as a Stanford Sloan Fellow.

20:31:00 – Learn more about SoFi.

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