Toronto Rotman Dean Steps Down after 14 Years

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

On October 18, Roger L. Martin announced that he would be stepping down as U. of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management dean. His announcement comes after nearly 15 years of devoted leadership to the Rotman School.

One of Martin’s greatest accomplishments as dean, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, is that he brought the concept of “design thinking” both to Rotman and to the business school world at large.

Martin was also responsible for significantly increasing the size of the Rotman MBA program. In 1998 when he took his post, the faculty had 30 members for about 130 students. In 2012, those numbers have nearly quadrupled to 120 full-time professors and almost 400 students. In 1998 only 10% of the student body hailed from outside of Canada; today that number is at 48%.

Martin also expanded the Ph.D. program, created a new global EMBA program, and established a new master of finance program.

Martin will be leaving his post in June of 2013, one year short of completing his third term as dean, a “highly unusual” situation given the university’s strict two-term limit for deans.

Martin plans on remaining at Rotman to work with researchers on “the future of democratic capitalism under the umbrella of two think tanks…the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity and the Martin Prosperity Institute, named for Martin’s parents.”

According to an Economist article, the school has yet to announce a new dean.

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