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A quick glance at Stanford Graduate School of Business: currently ties in first place (with Harvard Business School) as the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It was ranked #2 for entrepreneurship.  

Stanford GSB Class of 2013 and Entrepreneurship

6618 people applied to Stanford GSB in 2011; 7% were admitted and approximately 400 are in the class of 2013.

Stanford’s class of 2013 students has median work experience of four years. The average GMAT score for the class of 2013 was 730.

Stanford Academics Related to Entrepreneurship

The Stanford GSB curriculum, which is based on the “noble calling” of management, is individually tailored according to work experience, background, and career goals. During the first year students take required courses (see detailed first year curriculum here) and during the second year students build their own curriculum based on electives (see details on the second year curriculum here).

Entrepreneurial courses (which are offered through the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies) include:

FINANCE 319 Private Equity Investing Seminar
FINANCE 321 Investment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance
FINANCE329 Investment Seminar
GSBGEN 306 Real Estate Investment
GSBGEN 339 Environmental Entrepreneurship
MKT324 New Product Development
OIT 333 Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability
OIT 334 Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability
OIT385 Biodesign Innovation: Concept Development
and Implementation
POLECON 332 Managers and the Legal Environment
POLECON 347 Intellectual Property & Its Effect on Business
STRAMGT 351 Building and Managing Professional Sales Organization
STRAMGT 353 Entrepreneurship: Formation of New Ventures
STRAMGT 354 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
STRAMGT 355 Managing Growing Enterprises
(brief info)
Detailed information on Creating A Startup I
STRAMGT 359 Aligning Start-Ups with Their Market
STRAMGT 366 (brief info) Detailed information on Creating a Startup II (Winter Quarter)
STRAMGT 369 Social Entrepreneurship
STRAMGT 370 Strategy and Action in the Information Processing Industry
STRAMGT371 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
STRAMGT 508* Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Women: Stanford Business Magazine article
STRAMGT 513* New Venture Workshop
STRAMGT 543 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

International Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Research Centers for Entrepreneurship at Stanford

Extracurricular Clubs and Competitions for Entrepreneurship Students at Stanford GSB

Entrepreneur Stats at Stanford GSB

16% of the class of 2011 graduates either started or were considering starting up entrepreneurial ventures.

For summer positions for the class of 2012, 40 students received funding for an internship through the Entrepreneurial Summer Program (ESP).

Companies Founded by Stanford MBA and MS Alumni:

  • AGI and Affinity Bank (founded by Stephen Adams)
  • Trader Joe’s (founded by Joseph “Joe” Coulombe)
  • Capital One (co-founded by Richard Fairbank)
  • (founded by Jessica Flannery)
  • Yoyodyne (which was then acquired by Yahoo! Founded by Seth Godin)
  • Sun Microsystems (co-founded by Vinod Khosla and Scott McNealy)
  • Nike, Inc. (founded by Phil Knight)
  • and (founded by Gary Kramer)
  • Acumen Fund (founded by Jacqueline Novogratz)
  • Victoria’s Secret (founded by Roy L. Raymond)
  • JDate, Shmoop, and 4info (founded by David Siminoff)
  • New Schools Venture Fund (founded by Kim Smith)


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