Yale SOM Has 5-Point Plan to Boost Brand

Yale SOM

Yale SOM

Yale’s School of Management needs a plan, and according to a Poets & Quants article, Dean Edward Snyder, dean since last August, is taking definitive steps to boost Yale SOM’s standing in the b-school playing field, as well as end the financial losses that totaled $15 to $20 million over the last 15 years.

Yale SOM, despite its impressive brand name, has remained, according to P&Q, a “relatively small and unambitious player in the business school market, with a high faculty-to-student ratio, a small student enrollment, and few executive education offerings.”

Snyder’s plan goes as follows:

  1. Pinpoint the sectors with the strongest relationships and networks.
  2. Recruit a diverse faculty with real world experience.
  3. Boost Yale’s value by playing an active role in the collection and dissemination of data.
  4. Offer more programs, including part-time programs.
  5. Expand Yale’s global experience by making connections and sending students to far-off, less popular, and younger places, “a less well served country like Vietnam or Poland instead of China.”

For more on this subject, see the New York Times article, “Is Michigan State Really Better Than Yale?

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