MBA Admissions A-Z: K is for the 4 Keys of Reapplying to B-School

Letter KShould you reapply to business school? Which programs should you apply to? And when? The following tips will help you answer these questions to determine if MBA reapplication is the right decision for you.

  1. Analyze your profile. Were you really qualified for the programs that you applied to? Were your test scores really high enough? Did you have enough work experience or extracurricular activities to showcase?
  2. Evaluate your application. This is easier said than done; it’s hard to objectively judge something that you’ve put your heart and soul into. But it needs to be done. Did you present your qualifications in the best light? Were your application essays well written and persuasive? Did you interview well? If these aspects of your application were okay, then what went wrong? If you’re lucky enough to receive application feedback from the school(s) that dinged you, then you should review and internalize that feedback carefully. If you plan on reapplying, this information is crucial.
  3. Examine your school choices. Did you apply to programs based on your post-MBA goals and qualifications? Did you aim too high? Or is it possible that you were qualified for these programs but that you didn’t properly establish “fit”? Did you focus too heavily on rankings and brand instead of on whether your target school was actually an appropriate target for YOU?
  4. Determine if you applied at the right time. For some top MBA programs, the earlier you apply the better. It could be that spots for students with your background and/or qualifications had already filled up by the time you applied.

Once you’ve critically evaluated each of the above points, you’re ready to answer the big question: Should you reapply? If you can fix what went wrong in the above items, then a future acceptance may be in your future. Can you improve your profile? Can you create a better MBA application? Can you choose schools that best reflect your needs and wants? And finally, can you submit Round 1 to further increase your chances of acceptance?

Completing the thinking/analyzing part of the reapplication process may be tough, but one thing is certain: It’ll make reapplying next year go much, much smoother if you lay the groundwork now.

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