MBA Admissions: What is Fit?

Subject Line: What is Fit in MBA Admissions

Hello mbafome,

As an admissions consultant I enjoyed your post, “How do you describe ‘fit’?” and would love to comment on the issue of fit with a top MBA program.

“Fit” is essentially the alignment between you and a given school: how well the qualities you want in a school line up with what the school offers, and vice versa.  For you, the character of the students and overall culture are of high importance, and it’s great that you recognize that point and factor it into your selection process.  Also, fit is a two-way street; it works both ways – it includes what the school wants.  I recall talking to someone who raved about how Stanford was the perfect fit for her, which she’d determined after visiting, talking to students, etc.  However, with a GMAT in the mid 600’s, a GPA well under 3.5, and a career that was successful but not outstanding, she wasn’t a fit for Stanford – she did not align with what they were looking for.

Obviously fit is relative.  Not all the factors you want in a school are of equal importance, and some are more open to compromise than others.

Determining what factors are important to you, and their relative weight, will help you evaluate a school’s fit for you and therefore avoid a costly mistake, i.e., attending a program that doesn’t meet your needs.   Similarly, evaluating what a school is looking for before you apply – whether you are a fit for the school – will also help you avoid squandering time, effort, and money in applying to programs where you have scant chance of being admitted.

As a 13-year MBA admissions consultant and editor, I’ve compiled a special report that addresses the issue of fit and walks you through selection of schools by evaluating your needs and schools’ requirements:  Best MBA Programs: A Guide to Selecting the Right One. It’s a free download. You may find it helpful as you continue to refine your idea of fit to find the right school for you.

I hope you apply and are accepted to just the right program – one where your adventurousness will be appreciated and shared!

Cindy Tokumitsu

Senior Editor,

Cindy TokumitsuBy Cindy Tokumitsu, author of numerous ebooks, articles, and special reports. Cindy has worked with hundreds of successful MBA applicants in her last ten years with Accepted. She can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a winning MBA admissions strategy.