Law Schools Cut 2012 Class Size

Law Schools Cut Back

“More cuts may be on the way…”

According to a Kaplan Test Prep press release last week, more than half of the 123 law schools that responded to a recent Kaplan survey cut the size of their 2012 entering classes. The press release reports:

51% of law schools have cut the size of the entering class; 63% said the reason was the contraction of the job market in the legal industry. And more cuts may be on the way; of the law schools that have not cut the size of their entering classes, 28% say they will likely do so for the current application cycle.

The survey also addressed changes in law school curricula. On this, the press release notes:

68% of law schools have already revamped their curriculum to make their students more “practice ready”; 5% say they’ve decided to so, but haven’t implemented the changes yet; 9% say they are considering making curriculum changes; and 18% say they have no plans to make curriculum changes.

And one more important point: 47% of law schools increased their financial aid packages.

For more information, please see the Kaplan press release and the Wall Street Journal article, “More Law Schools Cut Class Sizes.”

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