The Stanford MSx Program for Experienced Leaders

Do you need an advanced business education, but a full time MBA isn’t a good option for you? There is a fabulous option that you just may not have heard about yet.

Want to know more?

Listen to the recording of our recent interview with Mike Hochleutner – Director of the Stanford MSx Program, Stanford’s ‘one-year, full-time Masters of Science degree program for experienced leaders.’

00:02:31 – Stanford’s MSx program: What it is, whom it’s for, and how it came about.

00:05:58 – The evolution of the program & the influence of entrepreneurship.

00:10:23 – What the name change signified.

00:12:42 – Recent improvements to the program.

00:14:16 – Places to go and people to meet: the MSx trips.

00:20:28 – What the Stanford MSx Fellows have in common.

00:24:14 – The difference between the Stanford MBA and the MSx program.

00:27:54 – Career changing and career services.

00:34:19 – Sponsored students and career resources.

00:36:04 – 3 tips for developing leadership qualities in yourself.

00:41:58 – Want to apply to the MSx program? Here is what they are looking for.

00:47:27 – Goals! Why you need to know why you are doing what you are doing.

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