MBA Admissions According to an Expert

Click here to listen to the show!Who better to offer MBA admissions advice than an actual former MBA admissions director?

Natalie Grinblatt Epstein has held positions of Director of MBA Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Michigan Ross and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Johnson School of Cornell University. She is currently a highly sought after admissions consultant at Accepted.

Listen to the recording of our highly informative conversation with Natalie and benefit from her years of experience and great insight into the MBA admissions process. While she covered a lot of different topics, MBA interviews dominated.

00:04:10 – How a research paper converted a brand manager to an admissions officer.

00:07:25 – Three things applicants really need to know but they often just don’t get. (Take if from a former adcom member!)

00:12:17 – MBA essay word limits are shrinking: Don’t cram! Be strategic.

00:18:37 – Tips for preparing for your blind MBA interview.

00:21:28 – Non-blind interview tips. Tune in HBS & MIT applicants!

00:23:35 – The Team Based Discussion.

00:29:18 – ‘Go for it!’ and other advice for late round applicants.

00:34:17 – Addressing weaknesses in your application profile and what do if you don’t have any volunteering in your background.

00:37:25 – Applying for an MBA? Get to know yourself ASAP.

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• be honest and quick thinking at ALL times.

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Gaining Poise and Confidence for Group Interviews

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• Handling Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion

• Tips For Tackling Team Interviews

• Four Tips for the Wharton Interview

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