Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming 2015 MBA Tour Events

Attending an MBA Fair?

The MBA Tour is coming to a city near you!

Looking to learn more about the top MBA programs on your list? Reserve a spot at one of these upcoming MBA Tour events! And while you’re at it, check out What to Do at an MBA Fair, a podcast in which Linda Abraham interviews MBA Tour founder Peter von Loesecke.

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January 17 – Mumbai

January 19 – Bangalore

January 21 – Delhi


January 20 – Nairobi

January 24 – Lagos

January 27 – Johannesburg


January 24 – Shanghai

January 26 – Beijing

January 29 – Seoul

January 31 – Taipei


January 31 – New York City

February 4 – Toronto

February 7 – San Francisco

February 8 – Los Angeles

February 10 – Boston

February 12 – Washington, D.C.


March 5 – Santiago

March 7 – Sao Paulo

March 9 – Lima

March 12 – Bogotá

March 14 – Mexico City

Attending an MBA Fair? The Premier Admissions Consultancy

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3 Rules for Attending an MBA Fair

Attending an MBA fair? Download your free copy of "MBA Fairs: Advancing Your MBA Ambitions"

Make sure the reps remember you.

You’ve just booked your first MBA fair – now what? What can you do now to ensure that you’re prepared for the big day? What are some things you can do at the fair to help you get the most out of the event? And lastly, what should you do AFTER the fair to further help your cause?

Don’t go to your next MBA fair without first reading these important tips:

1. Research, research, research. Research the programs that you’re interested in hearing more from at the event. Be sure not just to browse through the material, but to research the programs relative to what they can offer you based on your specific post-MBA career goals. When you’re at the event asking questions, you’ll look foolish asking basic questions whose answers appear on the program’s homepage. Direct, specific questions about how the school will help you fulfill your goals make a great first impression on school reps.

2. Dress and act professionally. Don’t be too casual in dress or in attitude, or school representatives may assume that you’re not serious about your future business education and future career. These schools are looking for sincere, thoughtful candidates. Also, keep in mind that people generally act differently depending on what they’re wearing – dress casually and you’ll act casually, dress professionally and most likely it’ll professionalize your attitude and demeanor.

3. Make personal contact with the reps AND follow up. You attend an MBA fair to learn about the various programs and to meet representatives, but also to make a good impression. Make sure the reps remember you by a) acting courteous and asking interesting questions, and b) following up with the representatives. Appropriate follow up actions includes sending an email in which you identify which event you met at, remind the rep of your goals and some of the key conversation points you discussed, and attach a resume (you can send a resume even if you handed the rep a resume at the fair). Inappropriate follow up moves include calling the rep directly or acting aggressively in any way. Remember, you’re trying to make a good impression – no harassing or stalking please! The reps note who follows up and how they do so.

Keep these best practices in mind and enjoy your next MBA fair!

Attending an MBA Fair? Read this first!

What to Do at an MBA Fair

Click here for the full recording of our interview with Peter von Loesecke!If you are considering making the major investment that a b-school education requires, then you’ll want to start by spending time carefully researching MBA programs. One excellent way to learn more about your MBA options (and to help prospective programs learn more about you) is by attending an MBA fair.

Listen to the recording of our conversation with Peter von Loesecke, CEO and Managing Director of The MBA Tour to find out what you can gain from attending an MBA fair and how to best prepare to take advantage of the opportunity and impress the b-school reps.

00:02:47 – About the MBA Tour and the MBA2U events.

00:08:35 – How to get to meet top b-school reps and other must-knows about attending an MBA Tour event.

00:15:18 – Tips for preparing for an MBA fair (and how not to turn off the b-school reps).

00:20:29 – What to wear and bring along.

00:22:16 – EMBA candidates, here is what the MBA Tour has for you.

00:24:40 – In person vs. virtual options for getting to know b-schools.

00:28:08 – The very best ways to damage your admissions chances at an MBA fair.

00:31:31 – Trends in management education.

00:34:37 – Advice for 2015 & 2016 MBA applicants.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more!

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Are you prepared for your next MBA Fair?

4 Egregious Mistakes: What NOT to Do at an MBA Fair

Do you know how to navigate the 9 critical decision points of the MBA admissions process?

Common courtesy goes a long way.

These four egregious blunders have potential to completely damage your admissions chances. You’re putting in valuable time and money to attend an MBA fair, so make sure you know the “rules” so that you don’t end up losing out.

Beware of the following four transgressions:

1. Asking the obvious. Asking questions whose answers can easily be found on the school’s website is a big MBA fair no-no. You’re there to learn new information about how your target MBA program will work towards helping you achieve your goals – this is where your questions should originate, not from basic info on class profile, job opportunities, and application requirements.

2. Monopolizing the conversation. This mistake really reflects a lack of courtesy, but it seems to be the rule applicants have the most trouble with. So along with the easy ones of no pushing and shoving and cutting in line, add “No monopolizing the conversation.” Be respectful of other people and their desire to speak with school representatives.

3. Being arrogant. Related, don’t be arrogant! For example, just because you have a high GMAT score, that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to automatic attention. The same goes for those of you who think you get conversation dibs simply because you’re rich (or poor for that matter), graduated top of your class at Princeton, or are from Timbuktu.

4. Treating reps poorly. School reps can tell when you respect them and when you view them as inferiors to the “higher ups” you wish you were speaking to. Don’t be condescending. Just don’t.

These fairs can provide a competitive environment. How you react to that can be very revealing as to how you’ll behave in a classroom, and then later on, in a job interview where you’ll be reflecting your MBA program. If you’re thinking “Common courtesy goes a long way,” you’re right! Just it’s not always so common.

Navigating the MBA Maze

What You Must Know Before Meeting Admissions Directors

Need advice on clarifying your MBA goals?

Keep your goal front and center in your mind.

Goals are not an afterthought in MBA admissions. They are front and center in the minds of many admissions directors. Put them front and center in your mind as you prepare to apply. Coming to MBA events with a clear goal will make you a much more appealing candidate to business schools.

What’s An MBA Goal?

A strong, clear MBA goal should guide your admissions research and your choice of target schools. A goal is something you want to do (not just study), and for MBA admissions purposes it should relate to a specific industry. For some applicants, geography is also an important element in their goal. Your goal should be based on your experience, not television, not what your parents/significant other or friends think you should do, and not simply what will make you a lot of money.

I am not saying that you can’t change careers. You clearly can because roughly 50% of MBA students are career changers, and many estimates place that number much higher. But you need to have a realistic vision of your future based on skills and character traits you have developed and experience that you have had.

Defining Your MBA Goal

Clear, well-defined goals are as much a requirement of MBA admissions as GMAT, GPA, and work experience. Define your goal in terms of the function you want to perform and the industry in which you want to perform it.

To define your objectives for b-school:

1. Look inward: What do you enjoy and where do you excel?
2. Examine what you have done off the job and see if there are lessons in your non-professional life for your professional life.
3. Clarify and mine interests and past experiences.

Then look outward:

1. Examine professional paths that will take advantage of your strengths and give you more of what you find satisfying.
2. Research the schools to find those that support your professional goals and provide an educational environment where you can thrive.

Establish specific goals you want to achieve within a given program and a career direction for your post MBA years.

Get clear, practical guidelines for answering the MBA goals essay question. Click here to download our free report.