Upcoming MBA Tour Events in the U.S.

MBA Fairs Special ReportMBA events and receptions are excellent opportunities for those of you who don’t live close to your target schools to learn more about the programs, interact with school representatives — admission committee members, current students, and/or recent alumni — and get answers to your burning questions. Attending The MBA Tour near you should be a necessary part of the school research that is so vital to a successful MBA application effort.

MBA applicants – mark your calendars! The MBA Tour will be hosting MBA fairs on the following dates:

Thursday, July 18, 2013 – Chicago

Saturday, July 20, 2013 – New York

Monday, July 22, 2013 – Boston

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 – Washington, D.C.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 – Atlanta

Saturday, July 27, 2013 – San Francisco

Sunday, July 28, 2013 – Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 – Houston

Register here.

Important note for fair attendees in Los Angeles: Linda Abraham, Accepted.com founder & CEO will be at the LA MBA Tour event. Take this opportunity to talk to Linda and become eligible to win one of five copies of MBA Admission for Smarties.

Not in the U.S.? Don’t worry. The MBA Tour goes around the world.

Come to the fair prepared! Read our special report, MBA Fairs: Advancing Your MBA Ambitions, for FREE pre-fair preparation tips and advice on how to make the most of an MBA fair!


MBA Program Visits, Fairs, Receptions: 5 Simple Steps to Make Them Productive

Have a couple of thoughtful questions about the program for each school you visit.

Applying to MBA programs this coming fall or winter? Then probably you’re planning to meet with MBA admission committee members at various types of events – school visits, MBA fairs, school receptions, etc. – as part of that process. An ideal time for school visits is in fall, when classes resume. The other types of events may occur anytime, as early as summer. So it’s not too soon to start preparing.

Adcoms also are preparing for you – in their interactions with prospective applicants they look to get an early read of your “social intelligence.”

Here are some tips to make a positive first impression while also getting the most out of the visits for your own informational and decision-making needs.

1. Polish up your resume to bring with you. You can always refine or modify it later if need be. Sometimes you may have a chance to show it to an adcom member or a current student willing to given feedback on your competitiveness for the program.

2. Have your overall “goals story” on the tip of your tongue. Most visiting applicants will have a sentence (“My goal is to become an IT manager in finance and eventually CIO). The goals story includes another sentence that includes why you have these goals (your motivation) and your vision for what you want to achieve (often these two elements are inter-related). This mini story will enable you to engage more meaningfully with adcoms or students – people will care about your goals when they know why you want to do it!

3. Have a couple of thoughtful questions about the program for each school you visit – ideally queries related to your learning and career needs. It never hurts to show ‘em the love. Moreover, your ability and willingness to identify your specific developmental needs reflects maturity.

4. Request contact info to facilitate follow-up when meeting students from your target schools. There are all kinds of opportunities to learn more about the program from students (for example, one student may connect you to a classmate who leads a club of interest to you) – gaining unique and fresh insights that can greatly enhance your essays.

5. Review my recent post on creating an elevator pitch and prepare one. In response to questions I was getting from clients, I wrote a post about creating an elevator pitch for visiting schools – it’s advice I still endorse.

The modest preparation sketched above will yield rich rewards: good impressions on adcoms, fruitful contacts with students, and deeper knowledge of the programs to fuel your decision making and propel your essay writing. Happy travels!

Cindy Tokumitsu By author of numerous ebooks, articles, and special reports. Cindy has advised hundreds of successful applicants in her last thirteen years with Accepted. She can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a winning MBA admissions strategy.

Upcoming MBA Tour Fairs

MBA Tour Fairs

“Take advantage.”

The MBA Tour will be hosting day-long MBA fairs next month in the following cities:

Monday, Feb. 4 Los Angeles
Thursday, Feb. 7 San Francisco
Saturday, Feb. 9 New York
Monday, Feb. 11 Washington, D.C.


Participating b-schools include IE, UCLA Anderson, Washington Olin, IESE, and many others.

For the above four events, the MBA Tour will be hosting an Attendee Tweet Giveaway during which participants will earn entries into a drawing by tweeting about their MBA Tour experience. Four lucky winners will win the indispensable MBA book, MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, written by Accepted’s own Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen.

Why should you attend an MBA fair? To apply successfully to business school, you need to know as much as possible about each of your potential programs and the opportunities they provide for people with your background, skills, and interests. This is known as the “fit factor,” and once you’ve determined what’s important to you, you’ll do a better job choosing programs, writing your essays, interviewing, and demonstrating fit throughout your application.

Make sure you take advantage of the MBA Tour’s FREE event near you and register today!

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MBA Programs Host Coffee Dates Worldwide

Informal Meetings

“Be yourself, listen to others…”

Wherever you are in the world, chances are that a current MBA student from a top school is waiting to have coffee with you. In London, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Rio de Janiero, Zurich, Houston, and a host of other international cities, schools are dispatching current students to chat you up and get to know you better as acceptance decisions are made. Programs offering these informal meetings include Berkeley-Haas, Darden, Michigan Ross, Dartmouth Tuck, and Yale.

This is a great opportunity to show a school representative how invested you are in going to that program. While these are obviously very informal events, you can still burnish the profile you have already established in your MBA application by showing up with intelligent questions and observations about the program and the school community. While at a general school reception or fair you could get away with asking more general questions (though even at those events your questions should demonstrate basic knowledge of the program beyond what is easily seen on the school’s web site) at a coffee date like this, well into the application season, you’ll want to go a little deeper in showing your awareness of and fit for the program.

Don’t go overboard trying to make a good impression. Be yourself, listen to others, but take the opportunity to ask questions and offer observations that show how dialed in you are to the happenings at the school. These questions and observations can be about any of the following:

  1. A recent or anticipated change in the curriculum or with a specialty track that you hope to join.
  2. Live chats you recently participated in, and what new insights you gleaned from it.
  3. Recent communication you have had with a current student or staff member. This isn’t to name-drop, but to show your ongoing investment in knowing what is happening at the school.
  4. Student-led symposiums or other initiatives – show that you know what’s happening with the Berkeley Nanotechnology club, Dartmouth’s Summit on Health Care Delivery, Yale’s Women in Management club, or other clubs in which you have an interest.
  5. Ideas you have for a case competition or club. Or perhaps thoughts on narrowing down choices among elective classes.
  6. Plans your spouse or partner has to relocate and find new work near the school.

So pull up a chair, warm your hands around a hot cup of coffee, and show your school of choice that you already feel part of the team.

Download our free special report, MBA Fairs: Advancing Your MBA Ambitions, for an insider’s look into the world of the MBA fair – what to expect, what to do, and what not to do.

Judy GruenBy Judy Gruen, MBA admissions consultant since 1996 and author (with Linda Abraham) of MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools.

Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with The Economist’s Bill Ridgers

Bill Ridgers

Bill Ridgers

Get the full audio of our exciting conversation with Bill Ridgers, for great info about MBA rankings, trends, and more:

00:26:50  –  Bill Ridgers: Business Education Editor at The Economist, “Which MBA” Editor, and…cricket editor for The Economist. Cool.

01:17:50  –  The Which MBA? Online Fair (Sept 5&6). What it is, and why you should attend.

03:36:50  –  The Economist’s unique approach towards MBA rankings: a focus on what students really consider important.

09:45:00  –  A surprising and controversial list: the The Economist’s Top 10 B-Schools from 2011.

13:05:50  –  When are rankings actually a valuable source of information?

15:18:00  –  Trends to celebrate in business education.

22:31:00  –  Bill’s most important advice for this year’s MBA applicants. And what makes Linda cringe.

Register for the Which MBA? Online Fair, taking place next week on Wednesday and Thursday, September 5 &6 and keep your eyes open for the new rankings due to be released in October!

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Participate in Upcoming US MBA Tour

The MBA Tour The MBA Tour will be setting up camp at a city near you this summer.

Date City
Thursday, July 19th Chicago
Saturday, July 21st Los Angeles
Sunday, July 22nd San Francisco
Tuesday, July 24th Houston
Thursday, July 26th Atlanta
Saturday, July 28th New York City
Sunday, July 29th Boston
Tuesday, July 31st Washington, D.C

Each event will last around 5.5 hours and will feature speakers and representatives from top business schools, including CMU Tepper, Cornell Johnson, Georgetown, IE, Indiana Kelley, MIT Sloan, Northwestern Kellogg, UCLA Anderson, Chicago Booth, Rochester Simon, Washington Olin, and many others.

There will also be representatives from various GMAT/GRE prep companies.

To intelligently choose the programs you want to apply to, you need to know the programs and the opportunities they are likely to present to you. Furthermore, a key factor in MBA applications and many MBA essays is showing fit with the program. To show that fit, you need to know about the programs. Attending and participating in an MBA fair is a great way to pursue that information. It is an extremely valuable tool and resource for anyone applying to business school. Make sure you take advantage of the MBA Tour’s FREE programming and register for an event near you today!

Linda Abraham recently interviewed Peter von Loesecke, CEO and Managing Director of the MBA Tour, for Admissions Straight Talk. He shares insight on trends in MBA education as well as experienced tips on how to make the most of MBA fairs. Attend and benefit. You’ll be glad you did.

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MBA Fair Advice & Tips

The Access MBA Tour: An original and efficient way to find the right MBA program

The Access MBA Tour: An original and efficient way to find the right MBA program

Thank you to Fabien Dufil, International Project Manager of Access MBA, for answering our questions about making the most of an MBA event. Next month, Access MBA will be visiting New York with business schools from around the world. Check out Access MBA online to view the complete schedule and to register for upcoming events today!

What is unique about the Access MBA events?

The Access MBA Tour is an original and efficient way to find the right MBA program. Created 9 years ago, the renowned MBA Tour travels to 50 cities every year with a hundred international business schools. The tour gives selected candidates the chance to meet individually with Admissions Directors of top-tier MBA programs. Access MBA is based on a simple and original concept: 20 minutes to convince recruiters of your suitability for admission as well as to determine which MBA program is the best for you.

Being held for the fourth time in NYC, representatives of Full Time, Part Time or Distance Learning programs will be present at the One-to-One event on June 18th at the Warwick Hotel.

“It is a unique experience and so much better than a traditional fair where you often feel a bit lost. Here we are guided, accompanied and individually oriented at each step. The individual meetings enabled me to think in more detail about what I want and now I know where I wish to apply” explains John, who participated in last year’s event in NYC.

How should applicants prepare for your events?

Given that applicants have 20 minutes to make a difference, the key is to gather as much information as possible on the school programs by looking at their websites. School profiles are also distributed to each candidate onsite which is one of the best ways for them to look informed in front of the Admissions Directors. Unlike traditional fairs, candidates are led to their school meetings by personal hostesses and must go back to the waiting area after each meeting, allowing them to be well prepared for their next meeting! Applicants should be able to present a coherent professional project and prepare targeted questions about the programs in order to catch the school representatives’ attention.

What should applicants do to make the most of the event while they are there?

Getting business cards, taking notes, dropping CVs and professional references can certainly have a better impact on the application process. Applicants should also take advantage of the numerous personalized services provided onsite, such as panel discussions on how an MBA can help advance their careers, GMAT and MBA admissions advising, and individual consulting by experts whose specialty is to match the right candidate with the right school.

Are there any event follow-up steps you would recommend?

When applying to MBA programs, applicants should follow up with the Admissions Directors that they met during the event. They usually remember who they met at face-to-face meetings, as they are always more impactful, which is likely to maximize the applicants’ chances to get selected.

Accepted.comAccepted.com ~ Helping You Write Your Best



Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Peter von Loesecke

Peter von LoeseckeWelcome to the fourth episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, a biweekly podcast about what’s new, thought-provoking, and useful in the world of graduate admissions!

For advice, insight, and info, check out the full audio of our great conversation with Peter von Loesecke:

00:25:00  –   Meet Peter: CEO and Managing Director of The MBA Tour.

03:29:50  –   What’s new at The MBA Tour this year. (Ever been to Jakarta?)

05:29:00  –   How The MBA Tour addresses application moving parts: Admissions, financial aid, and visa issues.

09:44:00  –   Top tips on getting the most out of attending an MBA fair.

12:25:50  –   Appropriate ways to follow up with a school rep (hint: the answer doesn’t include the word “aggressive”).

15:14:50  –   The egregious mistakes: what not to do at an MBA fair.

19:38:50  –   Trends for applicants to be aware of.

22:51:50  –   Interest in specialized masters programs in business is increasing, and The MBA Tour is responding to that interest.

24:44:00  –  Insider’s advice from Peter for 2012 MBA applicants.

26:33:00  –  What to do if you’ll be applying in over a year.

28:31:51  –   Linda is jumping up and down and cheering!

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Making the Most of an MBA Event

TopMBA ConnectThank you to Lizz Fitt, Product Manager of TopMBA Connect 1-2-1, for answering some important questions about Connect 1-2-1 events. In the coming weeks, Connect 1-2-1 will have events in Milan, Lisbon, Vienna, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Moscow, and Mexico City.  Visit Connect 1-2-1 online to see the complete schedule and register today!

Accepted: What is unique about the Connect 1-2-1 events?

Lizz: Connect 1-2-1 matches you with specific MBA programs for one-to-one meetings. We match according to your own study needs and to the entry criteria of the schools. The idea is to give you quality time to quickly and easily establish which programs are a good fit for what you want to get out of your MBA

Accepted: How should applicants prepare for your events?

Lizz: It’s a great idea to get some background knowledge on the schools you’re booked in to see beforehand, if you aren’t already familiar with them – this will mean you get more out of your sessions by being able to move on quickly from information that can be found online to the interesting stuff that isn’t so widely publicized. Then work out what’s important to you and prepare some questions that will enable you to gage whether or not a program can give it to you. And make sure you are able to explain why you want to do an MBA and what you intend to do with it afterwards – nothing impresses like a well thought through plan with clear objectives.

Accepted: What should applicants do to make the most of the event while they are there?

Lizz: To get the most out of these sessions, basic things like the way you present yourself are important – dress in business casual and be prepared to chat with some lovely people about your business education prospects. Networking with the other candidates in the waiting area is also a good idea – some amazing people attend these events!

Accepted: Is there any follow-up you would recommend?

Lizz: Definitely! Make sure you get business cards from the Admissions Directors from all the programs you are interested in, then stay in touch through your applications. A lot of schools run campus visits and breakfast meetings to help candidates through the process. These events are a great way to kick-start a really positive rapport, enabling you get the information you need quickly, while making a good impression.

Accepted.comAccepted.com ~ Helping You Write Your Best


Interview with the VP of the Economist’s Which MBA? Online Fair

Which MBA? FairWe’d like to extend a big thank you to Isaac Showman, Vice President and Head of Which MBA? from The Economist Group, for taking the time to answer some of our most pressing questions about the Which MBA? Online Fair. The next Which MBA? virtual MBA event will take place on February 6-7. View the Live Chat schedule and register for free now!

Accepted: What is unique about Which MBA? fair?

Isaac: The Which MBA? Online Fair is a truly global event that allows visitors from over 130 countries to interact with business schools from around the world all in one place, at one time. These visitors can meet admissions staff face-to-face in video chat, in a group chat environment, or in a one-one-one instant message. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to join over a dozen interactive webinars with business schools, for free. There’s nowhere else on the internet that brings together this much MBA expertise in an interactive environment.

Accepted: How should applicants prepare for your fair?

Isaac: A list of participating schools is sent to registrants in advance of the Which MBA? Online Fair.  Participants should spend some time familiarizing themselves with the list and coming up with any questions they may want to ask. Visitors should also prepare their resumes since they can upload them at the fair. Once uploaded, these resumes will be visible to every business school at the fair.

Accepted: What should applicants do to make the most of the event while they are there?

Isaac: After logging in, visitors should check out the fair schedule, which lists all of the webinars and chat sessions taking place throughout the two-day fair. We recommend that students join chat sessions where they can speak with admissions officers both in a group and one-on-one environment. In addition, visitors should consider completing a simple compatibility profile in order to find business schools that best match their preferences

Accepted: How can applicants make up for the lack of personal connection in a virtual event?

Isaac: No matter what stage in their MBA journey, a prospective candidate can make connections with the right people at the Which MBA? Online Fair. It could open the door for interviews and the important “next steps” in the process. Most importantly, the fair helps visitors find schools that best suit their needs and expectations, saving much time during their MBA search.

Accepted: Is there any follow-up you would recommend?

Isaac: Absolutely — visitors can gather key contact information from the representatives they speak to and follow up with them once the fair has ended.

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