More Money for Students!

More money for studentsThe Dorm Room Fund (DRF), a student-run venture fund that invests in student-run startups, will be expanding its concept to Boston this fall. The VC fund already operates in Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco.

For a startup to be eligible for DRF funds, it must have at least one current student or recent graduate on its investment team. Of the 32 students (spread out over three investment teams), there are 7 MBAs from top schools, including Wharton and Columbia Business School.

See Businessweek’s article, “VC Fund ‘for Students, by Students’ Expands to Boston,” for more details.

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

Stanford GSBIndian students considering applying to the Stanford MBA program should check out the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship. The scholarship covers everything for up to 5 Indian students to attend Stanford GSB, and the top 50 finalists for the Fellowship will even receive a break on applying – submitting Stanford’s application for free. The Fellowship’s application process has already begun and registration will end on June 21st, so if you are considering applying to Stanford this year, be sure to complete the application soon.

Successful Fellowship applicants will need to demonstrate excellent academics and career progress plus a strong commitment to India’s development (financial need is also a factor). The Fellowship application is short, asking for educational history, test scores, employment history, a CV, financial information, and only one short essay of 250 words or less: “How do you aspire to shape your country’s future?”

Two-hundred and fifty words is not a lot of space, so I recommend that your past leadership experiences be detailed well in the CV to leave this brief essay solely to your vision for the future: In what areas do you aim to make the greatest headway? How do you plan to undertake that effort? What goals do you aspire to and how do you intend to help India reach them within the next 10 to 20 years?

Obviously, goals based upon previous experiences and involvement will strike the Fellowship’s review committee as the most authentic, so take the time to identify what areas of development are truly the most important in your eyes and share your passion through this essay. Once the top 50 finalists for the Fellowship are selected, they will proceed to complete the regular Stanford application.

Jennifer BloomAs an editor with Accepted for 14 years and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW),  has gained great experience in crafting CV’s and essays that truly differentiate applicants from the rest of the driven applicant pool. If you would like help with your Fellowship application, please consider Accepted’s editing services for both your CV and essay.

SoFi Extends Refinancing Options to Doctors

SoFi Extends Refinancing Options to Doctors

According to a recent SoFi/PRWeb press release, doctors who have graduated from med school (one of 85 approved programs) and completed residency will now be eligible to refinance their educational debt through SoFi. According to an AAMC report, 86% of 2012 med school graduates have student loans – the median debt is $170,000.

SoFi’s refinance fixed interest rate for doctors will be 5.74% APR (on a 5-year term) or 5.49% APR if doctors agree to an automatic monthly payment on the principal and interest. (Just to compare to other refinancing companies, Stafford loans have interest rates of 6.8^ and Grad PLUS loans at 7.9% interest.)

On the new doctor refinancing option, Mike Cagney, CEO of SoFi, says: “SoFi cannot succeed in transforming student loans without addressing the critical debt burdens experienced by those who ensure the health of our community. We are excited to offer loan products that provide more flexible options and meaningful savings.”

Another benefit of refinancing with SoFi is subsequent involvement in the SoFi community. Cagney explains: “We help our borrowers realize their goals beyond paying off student debt. Whether seeking employment opportunities, career advice, access to industry luminaries, or simply a like-minded network, our borrowers have many reasons for choosing SoFi.”

See the PRWeb press release, SoFi Tackles Medical School Debt with Refinancing Options for Doctors, for more details, or head to the SoFi site.

Which B-Schools Offer the Most Scholarships?

An article in Businessweek from last week highlights the top b-schools when it comes to offering students scholarships. Here are the results:

Rank School Percent Receiving Scholarships Average Award ($) Tuition & Fees ($) Percent Covered
1 Notre Dame Mendoza 65% 25,153 42,870 59%
2 Indiana Kelley 49% 24,294 45,350 54%
3 Stanford GSB 56% 23,683 55,200  43%
4 Harvard Business School 47% 29,843 60,610 49%
5 Cornell Johnson 42% 24,204 51,480  47%
6 UNC Kenan-Flagler 26% 32,364 50,613 64%
7 UVA Darden 29% 26,677 47,000 57%
8 UCLA Anderson 34% 19,737 45,385  43%
9 Michigan Ross 24% 24,175 50,189  48%
10 MIT Sloan 19% 22,819 50,353 45%

For more info and for details on ranking methodology, please see BW’s “Top B-Schools for Scholarships.”

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Apply to be a Tillman Military Scholar

Military Scholarship

“A great funding opportunity for members of the military.”

This is a great funding opportunity for members of the military.

The Tillman Military Scholar program was founded to honor the legacy of Pat Tillman, who” proudly put his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve his country” and  died while serving with the U.S. army in Afghanistan in 2004. The scholarship is open to US service members and veterans (and their spouses) who are full-time students at accredited 4-year institutions in the US. You can use the funding for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in any field. The scholarship application will be available starting Jan 14 (the deadline is Feb 15).

Scholarship winners are selected based on their record of accomplishment, leadership skills, and commitment to service. The committee carefully considers your responses to the required essay questions, as well as your educational and career goals. You’ll also need to submit a FAFSA to show your financial need.

To apply, check the eligibility and application requirements at The amount of the scholarship awards varies depending on students’ financial need, but averages around $10,000. The program also includes access to conferences and other programming. ~ Helping You Write Your Best