MBAs Across America: Entrepreneurs with a Heart

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Casey Gerald

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Michael Baker

Michael Baker and Casey Gerald, CEO & CFO of MBAs Across America are making the American dream come true in towns and cities across the country.

Listen to the full recording of our conversation to learn about MBAxAmerica’s past experiences, plans for the future, and what these two Harvard MBAs have to say about their time at HBS.

00:02:20 – What day one looked like for the MBAxAmerica team.

00:06:54 – Can Harvard educated MBAs relate to the challenges of a mom and pop shop?

00:11:01 – The proof of the pudding: How many entrepreneurs actually implemented the advice.

00:12:58 – Where is MBAxAmerica going next?

00:14:35 – The criterion for choosing MBAs and entrepreneurs for next year’s trip.

00:18:13 – Will MBAxAmerica expand beyond the MBA and the USA?

00:25:10 – The benefits on the MBAxAmerica internship for non-entrepreneurs.

00:27:20 – Mike and Casey’s biggest Aha moments of last year’s trip.

00:31:32 – Best Harvard Business School moments.

00:35:45 – Advice for next year’s HBS applicants.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more!

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