MBA Project Search: Matchmaking for MBAs and Businesses

Get the scoop on MBA Project Search!You got into b-school, graduated, and now you’ve got to pay back those loans. Enter Dan Mullaney, a McDonough grad and founder of MBA Project Search.

Listen to the full recording of the show to learn about MBA Project Search, its origins, how it functions today, and how it can help soon-to-be students and professionals live the lives they want to lead.

00:02:09 – The birth of MBA Project Search.

00:03:33 – All over the map: What makes MBA Project Search unique.

00:05:44 – MBAs only?

00:08:54 – What first year MBA students and top-level CEO candidates have in common.

00:11:02 – Free to post, free to peruse. When do I pay?

00:11:53 – Nice. Nearly 10,000 consultants in the database.

00:13:17 – Active matchmaking: The MBA Project Search process.

00:17:09 – What the future holds.

00:17:48 – Why a philosophy major went to Georgetown McDonough.

00:19:07 – Business School: Irrelevant or Indispensable?

00:20:15 – Dan’s tip for non-traditional MBA applicants (and all applicants).

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