Business, Law and Beyond: An Interview with John Engelman

Check out other podcast episodes here.Want to start a business? Partner in a law firm? Go into private equity? Run a media and entertainment company? How about all of the above?

Learn from someone who has done it all. And doesn’t normally give interviews.

Listen to the full recording of our interview with John Engelman, for tips, advice and insights from a guy who’s made the journey from lawyer to private equity dealmaker to media and entertainment entrepreneur and executive.

00:01:40 – Meet our guest, John Engelman. Sounds like he’s been busy for the past few years.

00:03:45 – From crisis control to strategic planning: The transition from law partner to businessperson.

00:04:58 – When (and if) a law degree is a good path to the business world.

00:07:19 – An MBA, JD, both, or neither?

00:09:12 – The skill a would-be-entrepreneur needs to master. (Is entrepreneurship class a contradiction?)

00:12:48 – Media & entertainment: The most dynamic, regulated, and international industry out there. Are they paying me or am I paying them?

00:15:37 – The lifecycle of a media property (for Linda, the hills are still alive with the sound of music).

00:19:27 – The definition of good networking? Mom was right – you really should be nice to your roommate.

00:22:39 – Top tips for negotiating and the biggest negotiating mistakes people make.

00:26:43 – What separates a good businessperson from a bad businessperson. Hint: it isn’t IQ points.

00:29:14 – The secret of maintaining a work-life balance and the tragic risk of burnout.

00:35:12 – John’s best piece of advice for someone considering a career in business or law.

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  • Tim C.

    Finally! A business executive who speaks honestly and succinctly without the ego so often associated with successful businessmen today. A breath of fresh air and a pleasure to listen to.

    • Linda Abraham

      Couldn’t agree more, Tim!

  • Steve morgan

    It’s very important to have a lawyer with you when you are running a business as there can be several issues regarding patent, trademark or copyright complications and if you don’t want to get sued, you better hire a solicitor. A good solicitor will plan everything for you and save you from legal troubles.