4 Goals of an MBA Application

Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about these 4 application goals and how to achieve them in Wharton’s application.

Do you know the 4 goals of an MBA application?

Do you want to get into a top MBA program? (Silly question: Of course you do. You wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t.)

Make sure your application fulfills each of these goals, and you’ll be much better positioned to gain the acceptance you deserve.

In your application you need to demonstrate that you:

1. Can do the work. You’ll normally accomplish this goal with your undergrad transcript and your test scores, which should ideally be at or above averages. However, averages are what they are because people get accepted with below average numbers. A high test score (at or above 80%) can mitigate low grades. A high GPA might offset a low test score. The nature of your experience demonstrates smarts. Finally, LORs can also help show that you can handle the work.

2. Know WHY you want this MBA and HOW you intend on using it. What are your goals? Given your past experiences (professional and non-professional) PLUS an MBA from your target b-school, will you be able to achieve your objectives?

3. Have what the school seeks qualitatively. This is more than just being able to do the work. What is the school’s mission? The school’s values? The school’s strengths? You need to prove that their mission is your mission as well.

4. Will contribute distinctively to the classroom and to the community. When have you made a difference in the past? What distinctive and valuable experiences have you had? How will you make an impact? What special perspective will you bring to the class?