Global Business Leadership at Wharton’s Lauder Institute

Marcy Bevan International business is booming, and there is no better place to prepare for a future in global business leadership than at the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Listen to the full recording of our podcast interview for answers and insights into the Lauder Institute.

00:01:20 – Introducing Dr. Marcy Bevan, Director of Admissions & External Affairs at Wharton’s Lauder Institute.

00:02:00 – What is the Lauder Institute and who is it for? And Happy 30th Birthday!

00:04:59 – 3 Points about the Lauder Institute: It’s intense. It’s affordable because of generous financial aid options. It’s for the intellectually curious.

00:10:38 – Major recent developments at Lauder: The Global Program, the Global Knowledge Lab, and a giant treasure hunt.

00:15:41 – What the Lauder Institute is looking for in applicants and how the application process differs from Wharton’s.

00:18:23 – A bit about the eight-week Summer Immersions.

00:21:39 – Global Knowledge Lab research projects. Cool.

00:24:43 – Popular positions that students take after graduation.

00:27:41 – Does the Estee Lauder connection present employment opportunities for graduates?

00:29:26 – Advice and an invitation for Wharton Lauder applicants.

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Transcript of chat with Dr. Marcy Bevan and Meghan Ellis of Wharton Lauder (May 2012)

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