MBA Admissions: Ross and Entrepreneurship

Click here to explore the Michigan Ross b-school zone.A quick glance at Michigan Ross: Ross currently ranks in 13th place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It is ranked in 11th place for entrepreneurship.

Ross’s Class of 2014

This year’s incoming class had 502 people in it. The average GMAT score was 703 and the class has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.4. The average number of years of work experience for the class of 2014 is 5 years.

26% of the class of 2014 have undergraduate degrees in engineering; 24% in business; 21% in humanities/social sciences; 15% in economics; 5% in math/physical sciences, 5% in computer science; and 4% in other areas.

Ross Academics Related to Entrepreneurship

Each year of the Ross MBA program consists of 4 terms. First-year students take required core courses during their first 3 terms. (See a list of required courses here.)

A highlight of the Ross curriculum (not only for entrepreneurially focused students) is the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course. This required first-year course provides opportunities for students to work on collaborative projects for a global, hands-on, action-based, real-life experience.

Second year students choose electives in several areas of interest. Electives offered in the entrepreneurial studies subject area include:

ES 504      Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
ES 515      Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ES 516      Entrepreneurship via Acquisitions
ES 520      CleanTech Venture Opportunities
ES 569      Managing the Growth of New Ventures
ES 586      Entrepreneurial Practicum A and Practicum B
ES 605      New Product and Innovation Management
ES 615      New Venture Creation
ES 623      Venture Capital Finance
ES 624      Private Equity Finance
ES 626      Global Private Equity
ES 627      Continuing a Legacy: Leading a Family Business
ES 629      Financing Research Commercialization
ES 644      Introduction to Microfinance
ES 646      Solving Societal Problems Through Enterprise and Innovation
ES 701      Wolverine Venture Fund
ES 702      Frankel Commercialization Fund
ES 703      Social Venture Fund
ES 720      Commercialization of Biomedicine
ES 730      Marketing for Entrepreneurs
ES 735      Entrepreneurial Turnaround Management

(See course descriptions for these courses here.)

Michigan Ross Entrepreneurial Clubs

•     Entrepreneur & Venture Club

•     M-Entrepreneurship

•     Ross Small Business Consulting

Entrepreneur Hiring Stats at Michigan Ross

2.2% (or 11 graduates) of the class of 2012 (U.S. citizens/permanent residents) reported that they started or bought their own businesses upon graduating. For foreign students, 0.3% (or 2 people) fell into this category.

For 2012 interns (class of 2013), 0.6% of students (3 people – U.S. residents) reported that they were starting or buying companies.

Companies started by Ross entrepreneurs include:

•     JetBlue – Dave Barger

•     William Davidson Institute, Guardian Industria, owner of Detroit Pistons, Detroit Shock, and Tampa Bay Lightning – William Davidson (1947)

•      Syntel – Bharat Desai (1981)

•      Groupon – Brad Keywell (1991)

•      Sherpalo Ventures – Kavitark Ram Shriram

•      Bonanza Restaurants – Sam Wyly (1957)

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