MBA Intelligence Review

MBAIntelligenceI’ve just finished reading the first edition of MBA Intelligence, an online magazine for the global MBA community, and I am extremely impressed.

Sometimes when you read an online magazine, you just get the feeling that you’re reading a glorified blog – a compendium of online pages tacked together to make a “magazine.” With MBA Intelligence, however, there is absolutely no feeling of haphazardness or blogginess. They call it a magazine and that is exactly what it is. It’s highly organized and it is visually attractive with traditional magazine formatting. The pictures are glossy and the content is extremely well written and interesting.

As a magazine that caters to the global pool of MBA applicants, you’d expect to see articles on various aspects of the MBA application process (check!) as well as articles that focus on different application groups around the world (check!). MBA Intelligence gets the job done on both these fronts.

Also, listen, I’m not going to lie – I hesitate when buying apps and I hesitate when buying tips or advice that I feel like I can probably find elsewhere online for free. Sure MBA Intelligence is only $1.99, but I still had the thought cross my mind, “Is that really worth it?”

Now I see that I was being ridiculous. This is a 92-page magazine that I can read on my tablet or iPhone with ease and comfort. And this is NOT something that you’d just be able to find online in various articles. It is neat and sleek and everything you’d want in an MBA magazine. Sure there are tips and advice, but there are also interest/feature pieces that really make you THINK about what you’re getting involved in – an MBA community of people from around the world who are driven to pursue some of the same goals that you’re pursuing. You read MBA Intelligence and really feel like you are part of that community.