How to Boost Your MBA Intelligence

MBAIntelligenceThere’s lots you can do to improve your MBA smarts, including this simple step: Download your copy of MBA Intelligence. This advice-packed magazine can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad for $1.99.

And FYI: Linda Abraham ( founder and CEO) is a contributing writer to the magazine. (Y’know, in case you were wondering about the quality of MBA Intelligence….)

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the advice Linda gives in this month’s edition of MBA Intelligence:

A is for Academics

What is your preferred curriculum structure? Which is the best teaching style for you? Does your target school have strengths in fields that match your goals and interests? Do you prefer a more technical or more experiential program? Are you looking for a school with a strong global focus? How important is the option to study abroad? Will the program allow you to take classes in other schools at the university or at other universities?

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