IE & MIT Launch New Program in Malaysia

MadridAccording to a blog post in IE Business School’s IE & Asia-Pacific blog, IE and MIT have collaborated to create a new MBA/MSc program for international MBA students. Until now, when international MBA students complete their MBAs (a one-year program at IE), they then choose between pursuing either a Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Zaragoza or a Master’s of Engineering in Logistics in Boston.

Now, these dual-degree students will receive a third option: an MSc in Supply Chain Management in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For this program, students will complete the core MBA courses at IE, and then jump to the MSc component of their studies in Spain, the U.S., or Malaysia in place of other international MBA electives.

These dual degrees comprise part of MIT Global’s SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Network. See the IE site for more info.

For more info on IE’s MBA program and for advice on how to get accepted, please see our IE B-School Zone.