CBS Deadlines Dead Ahead!


Deadlines Loom Ahead!

Okay, not really – you still have some time, but we wanted to get your attention :).

Columbia Business School has a few different deadlines, each depending on when you plan on starting – in August or in January.

Take note:

• If you are planning on an August 2014 entry (as 70% of students do), then you’re looking at an early decision deadline in early October (2013) or a regular decision deadline in April (2014).
• If you opt for a January start date, then your application deadline is in early October (2013).

See the CBS site for more info.

For specific advice on how to get into CBS, check out our Columbia B-School Zone. For one-on-one guidance through the application process, see our MBA Application Packages.

Those October deadlines will be here before you know it, so hurry up and tackle those applications!