Wharton’s Dean Robertson Announces End of Deanship


Wharton was ranked No. 3 by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2012

Last week Wharton’s dean, Thomas S. Robertson, announced that he’d be stepping down from his post at the end of June 2014. Robertson has been dean of Wharton since August 2007 and saw the top b-school through the Bear, Stears & Co. collapse and the subsequent job market crash. He also revived the school following the departure of the previous dean.

Upon stepping down, Dean Robertson plans on remaining at Wharton in a marketing teaching position and pursuing his research interests.

In a Businessweek article on Dean Robertson’s announcement, he’s quoted as saying: “I feel I’ve accomplished much of what I wanted to do. It’s time to reinvent myself.”

The article continues to recount his many successes at Wharton:

In his time at Wharton, he has increased the size of the faculty by about 10 percent, to 478, and improved student quality….In addition, he helped raise $607 million, overshooting the original $550 million goal. A new MBA curriculum, introduced in the past year, and a new branding campaign are among the highlights of his tenure….Wharton was ranked No. 3 by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2012.

For more about Dean Robertson, also see the P&Q article, “Wharton Dean To Step Down in 2014.”