MBAs Across America: The Coolest HBS Internship

Attention guys and gals developing business plans on the backs of napkins or elsewhere:

Does an MBA, specifically an MBA from a top program, really offer something valuable for entrepreneurs? Listen to the full recording to hear Linda Abraham explore this question and much more with entrepreneurs Casey, Hicham, Amaris, and Mike of MBAs Across America.

MBAs Across America

00:01:55 – 10 weeks in 10 cities: An internship HBS has never seen before. Meet the MBAs Across America team.

00:02:43 – The genesis of an awesome idea – it all started at dinner with friends and a travel-bug.

00:04:10 – There is no getting around it, Linda is jealous.

00:04:27 – Working and learning with visionary entrepreneurs in overlooked locations. How the itinerary was developed (and how a town of 900 people made it onto the list of destinations).

00:07:19 – What value will MBAs Across America provide for the businesses it works with? And a word about the storytelling component.

00:10:02 – Personal goals for the program: see the country, have fun, create a replicable model for future grad students worldwide, and more (I’m not giving it all away in the notes).

00:14:30 – What are their post-MBA goals and how does MBAs Across America fit into their plans?

00:17:57 – Given your entrepreneurial leanings, why Harvard Business School?

00:20:08 – Harvard’s supportive response to this unconventional internship idea.

00:22:42 – Some refreshing comments about honesty in admissions, going to grad school for a good reason (yay!), and priorities (high starting salary vs. impacting the world).

00:25:02 – Mike wants to be the CEO of GE. 😉

00:27:44 – Great tips for HBS applicants from those who’ve been there.

00:32:58 – MBAs Across America is awesome! Go ahead and donate now to be a part of this internship revolution!

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