Med Admissions News: Mount Sinai’s MCAT-less Program

Medical Student

No MCAT Required!

Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine recently announced that moving forward it will fill half of its med school class with college sophomores – three years before they actually enroll. And these sophomores will not need to take the MCAT. This new program, called FlexMed, will identify future med school students early on and prepare them for their med careers during their junior and senior years of college with courses such as biostatistics, health policy, public health, ethics, and others. These med-track courses will replace traditional pre-med courses.

Mount Sinai has run a similar program in past years, but on a much smaller scale. The program has been successful, motivating the leap towards this new model. The idea, according to David Muller, dean of medical education at Mount Sinai, is that traditional pre-med classes are “not unimportant science, but…kind of outdated,” and that the MCAT “has really been warped over the course of time.”

See “Med School Without the MCAT,” from Inside Higher Ed for more details on Mount Sinai’s new program. ~ Helping You Write Your Best