Apply to be a Tillman Military Scholar

Military Scholarship

“A great funding opportunity for members of the military.”

This is a great funding opportunity for members of the military.

The Tillman Military Scholar program was founded to honor the legacy of Pat Tillman, who” proudly put his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve his country” and  died while serving with the U.S. army in Afghanistan in 2004. The scholarship is open to US service members and veterans (and their spouses) who are full-time students at accredited 4-year institutions in the US. You can use the funding for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in any field. The scholarship application will be available starting Jan 14 (the deadline is Feb 15).

Scholarship winners are selected based on their record of accomplishment, leadership skills, and commitment to service. The committee carefully considers your responses to the required essay questions, as well as your educational and career goals. You’ll also need to submit a FAFSA to show your financial need.

To apply, check the eligibility and application requirements at The amount of the scholarship awards varies depending on students’ financial need, but averages around $10,000. The program also includes access to conferences and other programming. ~ Helping You Write Your Best