Six To-Do’s for Pre-Meds Applying in 2014

2013 Medical School Applicants

“Consider your strengths and weaknesses.”

Medical school applicants aiming for Fall 2014 admission: we’ve encouraged you to make some strong new year’s resolutions to help you advance your application plans.

In addition to those resolutions (taking the MCAT this spring; boosting your clinical exposure; cultivating relationships with recommenders; and analyzing your interests and needs in a medical school), here’s some more advice as you start the second half of your junior year:

–        Carefully (and honestly) consider your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant. Do you have gaps in your record that you still have time to correct? (For example, seek additional research or volunteer exposure this semester, if those areas of your CV are a little thin.)

–        Prepare for the MCAT in whatever way is most effective for you (enroll in a course, etc). You need your score to represent the very best of your abilities.

–        Think deeply about the experiences that have motivated your interest in medicine—it’s never too early to start brainstorming for your personal statement! Think about the stories you might want to draw on when you write your essay—and go ahead and start to write.

–        Check deadlines for requesting transcripts and other documents. Avoid last-minute stress—the application process is stressful enough!

–        Update your resume.  This will help you when it comes time to complete the activities section of the AMCAS—and it will also be a helpful document for your recommenders to refer to.

–        Allow your recommenders plenty of time to write their letters.

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Rebecca BlusteinBy Dr. Rebecca Blustein, author of Financing Your Future: Winning Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards for Grad School. Rebecca will be happy to assist you with your grad school applications.