Last Chance: Accepted’s Kids Kicking Cancer New Year’s Campaign

Kids Kicking Cancer New Year's Campaign

Kids Kicking Cancer

We are THREE DAYS away from the end of Accepted’s Kids Kicking Cancer New Year’s campaign. (Accepted will donate $1 to Kids Kicking Cancer for every “Like” we get on our Facebook page through Sunday, January 6th.)

This wonderful organization helps empower sick kids to build their inner and outer strength with martial arts to fight cancer, and holds a special place for me and my family. My youngest son developed leukemia when he was six. I’m sure you realize that a diagnosis like that is devastating, and the treatment incredibly harsh, especially if the disease progresses. However, few can fathom the psychological and emotional impact on a child.

Tragically, I know what it is, and I know how hard it is to handle that stress and to empower a sick child in a healthy way. Kids Kicking Cancer addresses those issues. The organization helps children manage the stress and pain of cancer through personalized coaching instructed by black belt martial artists.

Please lend a hand by:

  1. Liking Accepted on Facebook.
  2. Emailing your friends or using your social media platform of choice and asking those you know to “Like” Accepted’s Facebook page.
  3. Encouraging your friends to spread the word.

There are only three days left. This is the easiest uplifting thing you can do to welcome in the New Year!

Happy 2013!

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