Who should write the medical school personal statement now?

Med School Applications

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Anyone who knows they want to apply to medical school this summer should take advantage of the winter break and the time before they start their spring semester/winter quarter to work on their personal statement.  This is especially true if you intend to take an MCAT prep course prior to taking the MCAT later this year.

Why now? Six months before AMCAS even allows you to submit your application?

  • Because if you write it now, it will be available to recommenders.
  • Because if you write it now, you won’t need to write it while preparing for your MCAT or studying for finals or juggling class, work, volunteering, and life.
  • Because if you write it now, you are more likely to be able to submit your AMCAS application early and by early I mean in June.
  • Because if you write it now (and for all the above reasons), you will increase your chances of acceptance.

Do you need more incentive?  Here’s one more:

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