MBA Interview Must-Know #2: You

MBA Interview Prep: How to Ace Your InterviewsYou. You are the first topic you need to know. After all, the interview will be about you. What do you want to do after your MBA? Why do you want to attend this program? When have you demonstrated the qualities this school appreciates, the qualities that will show you belong here? Much of this information appears in your essays or was uncovered in the preparation and introspection that took place before you drafted your essays. (Did you jot down notes? Keep a journal? Use them.)

In her recent BW interview, Dawna Clark, Director of Admissions at Tuck, gave the following very concrete advice to applicants facing a “blind” interview, which at Tuck and many other programs
means the interviewer only sees your resume.

“I would recommend that people approach their interview with a strategy. When candidates are applying to Tuck, so many of them are so bright and so impressive, and there are probably 50 things that they would love to talk to us about in their interview. But there’s limited time, and I would recommend that they spend some time thinking about five of the top skills, experiences, or accomplishments that they most want to emphasize.”

“I would literally write a list of everything that you’re proud of before your interview and then cut it in half, and cut it in half again and cut it in half again, until you say, ‘You know what? If I have limited time, here are the five points I’m really hoping to get across in this interview.’ With each of those five bullet points come up with some examples and substantiate them.”

Dawna provides excellent suggestions for an interview strategy where you will truly be prepared to
present yourself.

MBA Interview Tip #2:
Know the few most important things you are proud of and be prepared to discuss them.

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    Hi, i am still confuse on your post. can you tell me the basic steps of MBA interview.

    • Linda Abraham

      Have you been invited to interview? Can you be a little more specific about your points of confusion? Also, this post is part of a longer special report. If you download the report, it may clear up your confusion. The report is free.