Specialized Business MS Degrees on the Rise

Specialized Business MS Degrees

“Boom in interest for Master’s programs”

A Bloomberg Businessweek article talks about the increase in Master’s programs in specialized business fields. With Maryland’s Smith School of Business as a pioneer (about to open its fifth specialized MS program in 2013), other b-schools are quickly following suit and “riding on the wave of interest” in one-year business MS programs. In fact, Michigan’s Broad School is working on its seventh MS program, and Rochester’s Simon School of Business has about a dozen MS programs…with more in the works!

Currently there are MS programs in finance, supply chain management, management, accounting, marketing analytics, and others.

The boom in interest for Master’s programs accompanies a decline in interest in traditional MBA programs (see “2012 Application Trends: MBA & Management Programs”). The BW article attributes this recent boom to several factors, the most prominent being the convenience and affordability of a one-year program that doesn’t require 5+ years of work experience.


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