Interview with Jon Hodge

Strictly EnglishFor this week’s episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, we interviewed Jon Hodge of Strictly English. Check out the full recording to hear our great conversation about test prep, the latest technology in test-taking and more!

00:29:00 – Introducing  Jon Hodge, founder and owner of Strictly English.

01:26:00 – The origins of Strictly English and its focus on the TOEFL.

03:16:00 – Find out how the TOEFL changed since its start in 1969 and added a speaking component to the exam.

06:29:00 – Overview of the 3 different English exams: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE.

08:58:00 – Is there really a difference in the speaking sections of these three exams?

15:13:00 – Do students of certain native backgrounds have greater difficulties with certain parts of the TOEFL?

17:30:00 – Impact of cultural background on communication skills.

18:57:00 – Newest exam, the PTE – uses the latest technology to provide test-takers with results within 48 hours.

21:22:00 – Heads up: TOEFL allows universities to hear a selection of your speaking!

25:22:00 – Learn about this essential communication skill: paraphrasing.

29:40:00 – Reading improves all language skills: speaking, writing, and listening.  So, read, read, read!!

33:35:00 – The unique approach at Strictly English not only prepares you for the TEOFL, but also teaches essential skills for graduate school.

39:23:00 – Learn more about Strictly English and TOEFL prep.

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