Med School Blogger Interview: Cerena’s Journey

Med Student Blogger Interview: Cerena's Journey

Secret Life of a Med Student

Get ready to read about our next med school blogger, an anonymous med student studying rural medicine in Western Canada. You can read more about “Cerena” at her blog, Secret Life of a Med Student.

Accepted: I know you are an anonymous blogger, but can you give us some hints about yourself? Where are you from? Where did you go to school as an undergrad and what did you major in? How old are you?

Cerena: I’m from Canada and I’m attending a medical school in Western Canada. I have a biochemistry and molecular biology degree and I’m in my mid twenties. 

Accepted: How many medical schools did you apply to? Why did you choose your current school?

Cerena: I only applied to one medical school. I chose my current school because it is close to home, and has a focus on rural medicine which is very important to me. 

Accepted: Is med school living up to your expectations? Are there any surprises?

Cerena: I have really enjoyed spending time in our family doctor clinics! I enjoy studying medicine, but more so, I look forward to time I can spend encouraging/counselling/listening to patients. I’ve been surprised at how I’m starting to realize my strengths and weaknesses. Maybe these have always existed but now I’m finally starting to see those aspects of myself.

Accepted: Did you go straight to med school from college? Or did you take off some time and work before making that jump? Do you have any insight into that subject — which do you think is preferable?

Cerena: I spent a year doing research. I enjoyed my time a great deal between graduating and med school because it has given me time to work in a clinical environment and appreciate the skill involved in history taking. It has also been lovely to save money because medical school is expensive!

Accepted: Can you tell us about your cat and how she inspired your blog and artwork?

Cerena: When I was attending undergrad, I lived by myself in a small apartment. After me and my boyfriend started to date during 1st year, he noticed that I was feeling homesick and gave me $70 dollars to buy a cat. I went to the pet store, and she was in the “rescues” section. I didn’t notice her at first because initially, I was going to buy a kitten. But she kept purring loudly as I was signing the papers for the kitten. I instantly stopped what I was doing, saw her in her little cage, and changed my mind. I bought my cat that day, 3 years old! And named her Jasmine. She was my best friend during undergrad, and was a wonderful companion. When she became terminally ill, I started to draw her because I wanted to capture her spirit. I still miss her very much, but I’m very happy to share my artwork and that my readers enjoy the comics.

Accepted: Can you share some admissions tips with our readers?

Cerena: If this is something you want to do, it will happen for you. I’ve talked to many premedical students, and I find that a common thread among those who are very anxious about admissions is a lack of support. Make sure that you have a strong support system around you, and do not allow negativity into your life. Seek help when you need to through advisors, professors, and even friends. Finally, avoid rushing your decision making throughout the application process. Medicine is a marathon; you needn’t sprint to get there.

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