Yale 2015 School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

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“Ranked in the top ten for research…”

Ranked in the top ten for research, Yale School of Medicine requires that each student complete a thesis, based on their own research interests, to graduate.  For this purpose, the first two years of the curriculum are flexible and student-directed.  Based on the school’s goals (located in the Student Handbook), as well as their curriculum, they are looking for students with extensive experience in leadership roles and research collaborations.  Two essay responses are required on the secondary application.     

Yale 2015 School of Medicine Essay Questions:

  • Two essays with 500 word limits are requested.
  • Applicants should use single line spacing and 12 point size font.
  • Responses should be constructed strategically to highlight an applicant’s strengths.

The following are required in the Secondary Application:

1. Please use this space to write an essay in which you discuss your interest in Yale School of Medicine. Please limit your response to 500 words.

Using the student handbook to research the educational opportunities available at Yale SOM, create a list of reasons why you would like to attend Yale SOM.  Using only the top five items from the list, explain your reasoning behind them.  How will you directly benefit from their academic resources while you are in medical school?  How will your career be influenced in the future by this association?  In your conclusion, summarize the “big picture” benefits for both you and the institution—discussing how you, as well as they, will be rewarded by your contributions to their school.

2. This section should be used to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee any information not previously discussed throughout your Yale Secondary Application. Please limit your response to 500 words.

In this essay response, update the adcom on your most recent activities.  Using an updated draft of your CV or resume, identify which activities and awards you have already discussed in the primary application.  Focusing on those items that you have not already discussed and that are most important to you and relevant to a career in medicine, explain how the talents or skills you developed from these experiences will enrich your classmates and medical school education.

Yale SOM Application Timeline:

AMCAS Application Due October 15, 2014
Secondary Application *November 15, 2014 (Strong recommendation: Submit within two weeks after receipt.)
Interview Invitations Sent Our August – February
Admissions Decisions Released March 2015

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