Thinking about Harvard’s MBA Interview Reflections

I’ve been thinking about Harvard’s new interview reflections:

And just as you frequently do when you replay an interview in your mind after you walk out of the cubicle, I had a few more thoughts when I replayed the video:

  1. Several times I mention that you will need to choose from the notes that I recommend you jot down after the big event. How should you choose?  Choose those elements that relate what you want HBS to truly know about you.
  2. I suggest that you try to close with a reference to some point in the interview that you feel you aced. I would like you to avoid having the reflections be solely about clarifications and I-forgot-to-mention. Keep it positive, but don’t shoe-horn in a topic that doesn’t fit be it from any of the three categories I outline in the video.
  3. While the email metaphor connotes dialogue and conversation, it does not imply or permit a lack of professionalism. We’re not talking text messages, IMs or tweets here. Keep it well-written, grammatical, and professional.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your Harvard (and all other MBA) interviews. Please share your interview experience below.

And most importantly,  if you would like help with your MBA  interview and the Harvard reflections, we’re more than happy to help with both.

Linda Abraham By , president and founder of and co-author of the new, definitive book on MBA admissions, MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools.