The Early Bird Gets the Worm…and $100 Back in its Pocket!

$100 Back

$100 Back in Your Pocket!

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – the earlier you start work on your applications, the better chance you’ll have of doing an outstanding job and getting accepted. A last-minute application that’s just slapped together will not go unnoticed by the adcom…and not in a good way. A sloppy application will only convince the adcom of your sloppiness, lack of attention to detail, and minimal commitment to your higher education goals. Not a great first impression, huh?

Instead, get an early start on those applications and prove to the adcom that you are an exceptional, committed, and timely person. This is the sort of applicant the admissions members are seeking.

And now, we’ve made getting started easier than ever by offering you $100 off your order of $1000 or more. With our Get Moving Special, you’ll have no trouble hitting those December/January deadlines…and you’ll get to put $100 back into your pocket! Talk about a win-win situation!

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