Interview with Anna Runyan

Anna RunyanFor this week’s episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, we interviewed Anna Runyan of Classy Career Girl blog. Check out the full recording to hear our great conversation about networking, student debt, classy career guys, and more.

00:23:08 – Introducing Anna Runyan, founder of Classy Career Girl.

02:00:00 – The origins of Classy Career Girl. What blogging and baby clothes have in common.

05:13:30 – Find out what puts the “classy” in Classy Career Girl.

07:15:00 – Was an MBA worthwhile for Anna?

10:56:00 – The October Networking Challenge: What is it and why network? And what if they say… no?

16:29:50 – Advice for men: where the other 50% of the population fits it. Any Classy Career Guys out there?

21:26:00 – National student debt is up to a trillion. Anna has just paid off her debt and she wants you to know that you can too. Freedom!

25:41:50 – What the future holds for Classy Career Girl.

28:56:00 – Writing the goals essay when you don’t really have goals.

Visit the Classy Career Girl blog for great career resources and advice.

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