2012 Application Trends: MBA & Management Programs

GMAC Application Trends

Ups and Downs of Application Volume

A GMAC press release reports on the ups and downs of application volume at graduate-level business and management programs since 2011 as based on the 2012 Application Trends Survey.

Here are some survey highlights:

  • 51% of all programs reported an increase in application volume since the previous year; 39% of all programs reported a drop in applications; and 9% saw no change.
  • For full-time one-year MBA programs, 47% saw increases in applications; 44% reported decreased applications; and 9% saw no change from the previous year.
  • For full-time two-year MBA programs in the U.S., 32% reported application increase; 62% reported decreases; and 7% reported no change.
  • For full-time two-year MBA programs in Asia Pacific, 79% saw increases; 14% saw decreases; and 7% saw no changes.
  • Most programs saw an increase in applications from foreign students.
  • 94% of masters programs and 90% of MBA programs reported that their application pool was as impressive or more impressive than last year’s pool.

See the 2012 Trends Survey, as well as the chart below (from the GMAC press release) for more information.


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