Plan to Privatize UCLA Anderson Suspended

UCLA AndersonJudy Olian, dean of UCLA Anderson, recently announce that despite the U. or California Academic Senate Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs’ recent decision to suspend its review of the privatization of UCLA Anderson’s full-time MBA program, she continues to rally support for her initiative.

Dean Olian lists numerous benefits that would accompany the conversion of the program from being state-supported to self-supported, including the following:

  • An additional $8.8 million (approximately) every year towards undergraduate programs at UCLA.
  • More reliable tuition predictability for Anderson students.
  • Fewer problems related to state budget cuts.

The committee, which voted 10-0 on the suspension of the proposal, states that the UC rules don’t allow for a pre-existing program to convert to an independent one; rather, a program may only run as a self-supported program if it is created as such.

Furthermore, the panel maintains that such a transition would reduce program access and affordability, rather than protect it, for California residents.

“A state-supported program that proposes to convert to self-supporting status has, by definition, benefitted from the historical use of resources supplied in part by California taxpayers,” the committee said. “The current SSP policy requires a self-supporting program to compensate its campus for its current-period use of campus resources provided in part by California taxpayers. It does not address the value of the historical investment made by the state.”

See “Faculty Halt UCLA B-School Independence,” a recent Poets & Quants article, for more information on this subject.

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