Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Anna Ivey

Anna IveyListen to the full audio of our informative conversation with Anna Ivey for valuable insight into the world of law school admissions:

00:24:50  –  Meet Anna Ivey: admissions consultant, author, president of AIGAC, and former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School.

01:08:00  –  “I wanna’ be an admissions officer when I grow up!” Just kidding.

02:38:50  –  Highlights of the AIGAC conference in Spain. (The first venture out of US borders.)

04:15:00  –  The most important takeaways for applicants.

07:00:00  –  What is the legitimate role of an admissions consultant in the admissions process?

09:22:00  –  With all the turmoil in law school admissions, law schools, law jobs, who should be applying to law school?

11:00:00  –  The due diligence required of law school applicants: Why? Why? Why?

18:37:00  –  Changes in law school admissions in response to the recent meltdown.

21:28:50  –  What should law school applicants do to prepare for the new market?

23:51:00  –  A key differentiator that law school applicants need  to demonstrate in their personal statement.

27:22:00  –  Words of wisdom for applicants applying this Fall.

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