Kaplan GMAT Course Review: Post-Course Thoughts

logo_kaptestWe gave away a free Kaplan GMAT course to Ram C. Ram just  completed his course and shares his thoughts with us below. (Ram also gave us a run-down of his first impressions of the course, a few weeks back, which you can view here.)

Accepted: Now that the Kaplan Course has come to an end, can you tell us more about your GMAT prep experience with them?

Ram: The course is very comprehensive. I found plenty of resources to help improve my weak areas. The faculty for the live sessions was excellent. I found the Kaplan methods and strategies very useful. Overall, it was a very good experience. Highly recommended!

Accepted: What was your favorite thing about the course? Least favorite thing?

Ram: My favorite part of the course were the live sessions, even though it was an online class, the faculty brought the class alive with their passion and excellent teaching methods. These were some of the best faculty I have come across. Also, I loved the flexibility of the course. Least favorite – While the course is well designed, It would have been nice to have a few sessions targeted for 700+ scores.

Accepted: How much has your GMAT score increased on practice tests now that you’ve completed this course?

Ram: I saw an 80 point increase in my scores. I took the Kaplan diagnostic test about 5 weeks back, I got a 620. I took another practice test last week, I got a 700.

Accepted: That’s amazing! With your higher score, have you thought about altering your list of target schools now that you have a better idea of how you might do on the GMAT?

Ram: I don’t think I would be altering my list of target schools.

We will continue to follow Ram’s journey to b-school with a follow up interview after he takes the GMAT. Good luck Ram! We’re rooting for you!

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