U.S. Veterans – Now’s the Time to Apply to B-School!

U.S. Veterans

U.S. Veterans – “now is a good time to be you.”

According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, if you are a returning military veteran who wants to apply to b-school, then “now is a good time to be you.”

Numerous business schools, including top schools like Dartmouth Tuck and Notre Dame Mendoza, are recruiting vets and offering them tuition breaks or specialized ex-military programs.

One school is going so far as to recruit military veterans before they even become veterans. Indiana’s Kelley School of Business is encouraging ROTC students (i.e. ones that are still in college) to apply to b-school before they begin their army stints. If they are accepted to Kelley, then their spots will be held until they return from their tours of duty.

What the students/vets get out of this is clear – a guaranteed spot in a top MBA program before they have any work/army experience. But what does the school get out of it? According to the BW article, they get to prove that they are vet-friendly; but more than that, they receive the benefit of having fantastic leaders on campus. As Ray Luther, the director of recruiting and leadership at Kelley, says: “Young junior military officers have leadership experience and emotional intelligence that are beyond their peers.”

For tips on how to apply to Indiana’s School of Business successfully, please see our Indiana Kelley B-School Zone.

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