Interview with Anne Perigo, UM Master in Entrepreneurship

Anne Perigo

The University of Michigan will soon open its doors to the inaugural class in its innovative MS in Entrepreneurship program, a program devoted to radically reducing the time entrepreneurs spend in the “school of hard knocks.”

My curiosity about this program led to an informative interview with Anne Perigo, Associate Program Director at the University of Michigan’s new Master of Entrepreneurship Program.

Listen to the full audio of our lively conversation — the sixth for Accepted’s Admissions Straight Talk podcast — with Anne Perigo to learn more about this fascinating one-year program designed for entrepreneurs:

00:24:50  –  Meet Anne Perigo, Associate Program Director at University of Michigan’s new Master of Entrepreneurship Program.

01:27:00  –  An overview of the Entrepreneurship Masters: the program, the students, the faculty and the learning style.

03:04:50   –  Quantity of student work experience: Wow, that’s a range!

03:37:50  –  Anticipated career path of graduates.

09:05:50  –  Is it all about engineering and high-tech, or is the program applicable to other STEM and business fields?

10:34:00  –  Compare the MsE versus a more traditional MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship: Its not just tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum.

19:50:00  –  The entrepreneurial ecosystem for graduates. This is cool!

25:03:00  –  A bit about the “distinctive” admissions process.

28:43:00  –  The personal essays section of the application — an opportunity to share who you are.

31:03:50  –  Anne’s insider advice for future applicants.

32:47:50  –  Michigan — hidden gem of entrepreneurship?

Visit for more info and to contact Anne.

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