HBS Modernizes Curriculum

Harvard - Dean's House

Harvard – Dean’s House

Since the arrival of Dean Nohria in July 2010, Harvard Business School has implemented numerous curriculum and program updates. In fact, according to John Byrne, Poets & Quants editor-in-chief, “[Nohria] has done in two years what it would take most deans 10 years to do.” And according to a recent Boston.com article, Nohria’s impact is made even more impressive by his soft-spokenness and quiet thoughtfulness.

The dean himself speaks about his less-than-imposing demeanor: “Let’s face it: I am 5-feet-6-inches, bald. Charisma is not the first word that comes to mind when people meet me…That is not who I am.”

Maybe not, but perhaps the words “innovative,” “effective,” and “dynamic” should come to mind.

Some updates in the HBS program include:

  • Emphasizing “doing” and “real world” experiences over classroom case studies, especially with the new required Field Immersion Experiences in Leadership Development (FIELD) course. (The case study method is still central to the HBS teaching philosophy; Nohria explains that the new initiatives affect less than 15% of the total curriculum.)
  • Increased participation in local and global economies.
  • Increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • More active international programming.
  • Expanded collaboration with other schools in the university.

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