New Global Track for Wharton MBA Students

The Wharton School at UPenn

The Wharton School at UPenn

The Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies is launching a new Global Program at Wharton, “focused on preparing future global leaders to solve complex business problems in an inter-connected world.”

The first class will begin in May 2013 and will work toward an MA from the University of Pennsylvania, studying international law, comparative politics, cross-cultural negotiations and communications, international economics, and diplomacy, in addition to the Wharton MBA.

The Lauder Institute also offers customized language and cultural training in various languages, an MA in International Studies along with the Wharton MBA, plus a JD/MA joint degree program.

For more information about Wharton Lauder’s program in general and the Global Track specifically, please review our recent chat with Marcy Bevan and Meghan Ellis of the Lauder Program. ~ Helping You Write Your Best